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Title: 5 months post op, now a cyst and new tears????
Post by: blonndi on April 04, 2006, 05:10:00 PM
I have had 3 knee arthroscopic meniscal repairs, the latest in October 2005.  I have not healed from this last one.  Unable to do Phys. Therapy and to the point of unable to do many normal walking things and no stairs whatsoever.   Braces, corisone injections, tried it all.  Finally I have another MRI and the results were astonishing.  More tears (or scar tissue, its unsure), bone spurs, moderate to severe osteoarthritis, effusion and a 4.7cm bakers cyst.  I KNEW I WASNT GETTING BETTER.  My Dr wants to avoid another surgery and put off joint replacement due to my age.  I have no quality of life... anyone..... help???  Dr and I will meet again next week. I do trust him, but im a single parent taking care of ex spouse with cancer, Im supposed to be the healthy one!
Title: Re: 5 months post op, now a cyst and new tears????
Post by: chrisMancini on August 31, 2008, 06:06:06 AM
Hi Christy,

I am sorry to hear about your knees and your ex's cancer. I had three scopes last year and finally my left knee had no cartlidge, articuliar or meniscous. I am 46 and everyone I knew was cautioning me to watch out, I am to young etc. But, although married, I ahve a 9, 2 and 1 year olds..all boys and I could not even get on the gorund and play with them. So my OS and I talked about the options and I decided that a TKA of the left knee was the best option, Shure she said I could try anything I wanted to .....microfracture, more scopes etc...but MY quality of life was importaant. So talk about it with your OS....since you have had so many scopes there are bound to be good pic of the inside of your knee....better to diagnose with real time pics...:)
Although you are taking care of you ex in his time of need...please do not forget that you have needs to and your babies need you to be a healthy and happy Mommy....

Our family will pray for you....and try not  to make any decisions on what other people think.....but on what you want...