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Title: TP Fx to a new member of kneeguru!
Post by: rialy on March 22, 2006, 06:33:19 PM

I'm new and have been reading about the many different tibial plateau fractures.  It seems I've had one 4 weeks ago.  Of course it's a long story - but I think I'm very lucky after reading the different posts on TP fx's. 

Let me tell some of my story and maybe someone can answer some of the questions I have...  On Feb 21, 2006 I fell while hiking in a canyon - I made a short jump (maybe 2 or 2.5 feet) down onto an angled boulder.  My foot landed in a funky manner - I felt my lower leg twist - I collapsed and couldn't move. 

Luckily I was with two guys, one of whom is big and tall.  He piggy back rode me out of the canyon to the comforts of my van, which my friend drove - I couldn't have driven at that point - I couldn't put any weight onto my right leg without horrible pain...

We bought crutches on the way home as I knew I couldn't get around without them.  Called my "primary care provider" the next day and set up an apt with her for two days later (Feb 24th). 

At that point she x-rayed my right knee and couldn't really see anything there.  But the knee was very swollen and obviously I was in pain and couldn't bear weight on the leg.  She gave me pain killers, anti-inflammatories, a knee brace, and told me to call in one week for the results of what the "radiologist" saw in the x-ray.

I was good and stayed off my leg - using the brace and crutches when I had to go somewhere.  Before that week was up I was able to put more and more weight onto my leg and was using the brace and no crutches.  I even restarted my exercise regime (which had sadly come to an abrupt halt by this fall) - starting it slowly again by walking 1 to 1.5 miles with a friend and went to my Chi-Gong 8 Treasures class!

I telephoned the doc on Fri March 3rd as suggested.  She said she had heard from the radiologist a few days earlier and "meant" to call me, because they saw new bone growth in the upper part of my shin bone and changes in my vascular system.  (btw I had my left lung removed in Feb 05 due to lung cancer and this "new bone growth" may have something to do with that).  She said I can either see and orthopedic doctor or get an mri - I said well the ortho doc will want an mri yes?  Yes.  So let's do that first...

Ok, the next question was:  shall I pick up the paper work for the mri?  Doc said no no, stay home and rest, we'll mail it to you.  (I'll never do that again)  Almost a week later, still no paper work - meanwhile, I was walking just about every other day, happy, not using crutches at all, and sometimes no brace either...  Finally on about March 8th I called the referral department to ask about the paperwork.  They said it had just gone through and I should be getting it shortly.  I asked for the name & phone # of the MRI facility, so that I could set up the apt before receiving the paperwork.  Ok that was all fine and good.  I got the info, called and set up an mri for March 13th!  Btw finally got the paperwork March 10th or 11th, just in time for the MRI.

Had the MRI - it was done with an intra-articular injection of 10cc of gadolinium into the knee.  Later that very afternoon (March 13th) my doctor calls and says the radiologist sees a TP Fx and meniscus tear - so now suddenly everything is urgent!  She wanted me to go asap to the ortho doc.  So I went to her office, picked up the paperwork, got the referral, and an apt to see the ortho doc on March 15th.

Befor I continue, let me tell you what the MRI said - actually it said a whole lot but I'll just copy some of the Impressions (as they're short and pretty much say it anyway)  Minimally depressed mid and lateral tibial plateau fracture and Grade III tear, posterior horn and body, medial meniscus, hemarthrosis.

Ok, back to the ortho doc - First off, he didn't really do much.  His assistant did most of everything, moved my leg around - pressed in different parts of the knee - showed me what was wrong on the mri - bla3...  He was great!  I was hoping that the doc was similar to him. 

Then the actual doctor came in.  He seemed annoyed at me for taking so long to see him and for walking and such.  He wanted to put a cast on my leg (for protection he said).  I told him I'm doing a performance on April 4th where I need to use my right leg.  Not a weight bearing use, more of a bending of my knee and moving my foot back and forth while sitting in a half lotus position.  I showed him what I needed to do (obviously I was able to do the movement w/o much problem so my ROM is pretty good too!) and asked if I could do that with a cast on.  He said no and said if I promise not to put any weight on my knee for 3 to 4 weeks he wouldn't put a cast on me.

I wasn't sure if I should have the cast or not, but I promised especially since I had driven myself to see him and couldn't have gotten home on my own with the cast...  He also seemed annoyed at this. 

Now here I sit on my butt, going crazy because of lack of movement. 
1. Has anyone here had this type of problem before?  I feel that the ortho doc hasn't really done anything except tell me to sit and stay!  lol 
2. Isn't there any exercising that I can do in this situation? 
3. Can you recommend a website or page that talks about the potential exercising or treatment for this type of injury? 
4. Do you think it's really very important that I don't put any weight on the right knee for another 3-4 weeks?

Well thanks so much for letting me get all this out.  I went from exercising 1-2 hours 5-6 days a week to absolutely nothing.  I do have a lot of computer work to do, never mind paper work, or even light house cleaning, but somehow the lack of movement messes with my spirit and I find it hard to do much except be depressed about it all...

Any suggestions are so appreciated and if you've made it this far in my novel  ;) thank you for listening.

Best wishes,

Maria (rialy)
53 yr old female
Los Angeles, CA

Title: Re: TP Fx to a new member of kneeguru!
Post by: misshilde on March 25, 2006, 02:08:29 AM
I don't know what your injuries are like, but if you feel "uncomfortable" with your treatment or OS "s decision, ask for a second opinion..tons of great OS in L.A area....mine's in  Long Beach....

Title: Re: TP Fx to a new member of kneeguru!
Post by: rialy on March 25, 2006, 04:45:29 PM
Hi Hilde!

Thanks so much for your response.  Sounds like we're neighbors!!!  Nice to meet you.  Yes I think i will research a second opinion on monday.  i was at my healthcare providers yesterday and thought i'd talk to a patient laison about the situation.  she thought i should call the OS office and see if they had a handout of appropriate exercises for my situation and also to play dumb about referrals and ask if the OS could refer me to a PT. 

Well that sounded like a great idea so i did it!  the answer was -  NO there's absolutely nothing i should be doing in terms of exercising.  somehow i just can't believe that my entire body needs to stop cause of the knee but...  and that no PT till later.  just stay off the leg.  well i'm moving w/the knee sleeve and crutches cause i can do that w/only slight weight or NWB on the right leg.  i am driving tho and it doesn't hurt at all.

then a friend who has a doctor for a roommate read my mri results and agreed w/my OS.  but i've also heard completely the opposite opinion.  makes me think that one can find the desired response if one looks long enough.  meanwhile the time goes by and that's a good thing cause eventually he'll have to say i can do something  ;D

thanks again for your input!

Title: Re: TP Fx to a new member of kneeguru!
Post by: misshilde on March 26, 2006, 12:42:33 AM
If your friend's doctor roommate agrees with your OS...that' 1 point  for him, 0 for you..after all the docs usually know what they're to the exersizing..there is always stomach work to be done..crunches does not effect you knee, so get going on upper body work is also safe for your knee..if you're supposed to be NWB for a while I would take it easy..after all a fracture means a break and breaks usually should not have any WB..but then again I not a doctor..and I know what it's like to not be allowed to do the things you like..especially if there is no pain.....but being stationary for a little while is not going to hurt you...just make it a bit harder to get in shape again later....

Title: Re: TP Fx to a new member of kneeguru!
Post by: rialy on March 26, 2006, 03:09:07 AM
Hi Hilde,

thanks so much for your note!  yes you are right - 2 for the docs - 0 for me and they're a lot smarter about these things than i am!  sooooo i'm going to do sit ups and some leg ups (not bending the bad leg) and i am getting around on my crutches. 

luckily the doc said it's ok to soak / bathe so my girlfriend and i are taking a trip to sycamore springs on wed, near san luis obispo, to soak in mineral water and have a massage, so that will be good for my soul!

Thanks again for your words and i'll continue to try my best to be good and stationary... 

Hope you're having a nice weekend - so far the weather's been nice to us...

Title: Re: TP Fx to a new member of kneeguru!
Post by: misshilde on March 26, 2006, 11:35:59 PM
"Spa day"...some people just have all the luck...sounds wonderful..yes the weather has been great and for the first time in a few weeks I actually have time to do I will do nothing..I'll read a good book and relax...and keep my leg elevated to give it some rest....