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Title: ACL Disapeared.
Post by: Dickie on March 20, 2006, 05:29:51 PM
I recently damaged my knee while riding my mx bike .I landed of a jump with my leg out straight foot first in to the ground the pain was nothing i have ever felt before.I paid for a private consultation and was imformed he thorght i had a torn acl and menscus damage.So i paid for an arthsropscapy.I went to see the consultant shortly after the procedure to discuss the results.Iwas shown some photos of my torn menscus .damaged inside lateral ligerment.Then was shown an area where my ACL should be . but there is nothing there,no acl at all.Why is this,I had the op roughly 2 months after the injury.I have hurt my knee before but that was about 8 years ago,could i of Ruptured it then not knowing the extent of the damage with my knee been quite stable.note i have raced MX for 25 years (37 years old)My knee feels like my leg wants to fall off and makes some funny noises .I am struggling a bit .I was hoping to ride again before my ACL RC with made to fit knee brace but i have been told i could do irripairable damage if i do.I am booked in for an ACL ,RC on the NHS 5 Months time!     Any comments would help
Title: Re: ACL Disapeared.
Post by: shade on March 21, 2006, 10:35:50 AM

Sorry about your accident.  Don't know the answer about your ACL but here is a good site about acl that might give you some info.  Check out the tabs at the top of the acl page.
Good luck with your surgery.  ~Shade
Title: Re: ACL Disapeared.
Post by: BubblyC on March 21, 2006, 12:54:19 PM
Hi there,

Just to answer one of your questions - yes it is possible to damage your ACL and not know about it.  A trainer at my gym recently discovered that she tore hers many years ago, but because she is so muscular and strong she has never experienced any instability in her knee and so, until recently, never knew she had done any major damage.  Now I think she is having some range of motion issues, but very little discomfort or pain and no instability.  So if your leg muscles are very strong, they will compensate for a lack of ACL, and you may well never notice it missing.

For me, 'cause I also partially tore both my MCL's I knew I had done something major because of the pain they caused!  Oh yeah and my ACL deficient knee kept "giving out", so walking was an interesting sensation for me.  I had my surgery almost 9 months ago now and one major quality you will need to come through on the other side is A LOT of patience and determination.  Rehab is long and tough, but if you go to the Cruciate Ligament section a little further down on this board, you will see that it can be worth it.

Good luck with everything and be careful.  Keep those leg muscles strong, as it makes rehab after surgery that much easier.

Title: Re: ACL Disapeared.
Post by: Dickie on March 21, 2006, 06:20:29 PM
Thanks for your comments and encouragement, i am not looking forword to the treatment but i certenly need it my knee feels worse every day ,Despite doing the excercises.It starting to give me pain more and more .I stepped off a kerb and flat felt like some one had shot me in the knee.ACL Reconstuction (BRING IT ON). i hope you all get over Your injurys and make a good recovery.
 Best Regards   Dickie