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Title: Advice sought and pain help
Post by: peter783 on April 04, 2003, 01:57:47 AM
I have, for the last year, been suffering with knee pain (both Knees).  It started off as an annoyance, but it's grown to the point where walking  physically does me in.  I walk, but by the end of the day i'm so worn out by the pain i'm threw. I have to take something to get me to sleep through the pain.

I have been on Ibuprufen 400mg x3 a day for the last year and sleeping tablets, I have tried celebrex 100mg no good and now on Diclomax 100mg hope it helps, fingers crossed.

Not sure what brought on this problem, excessive excercise when younger and excessive impact sport . activities.

The pain itself gets to a point where I cant sit in a seated position but for even short periods (even cinema is out of the question now) :(. There is pain above and below the knee cap and even my bloody achilles is aching now (maybe due to lack of excercise). My shins also ache. When Stretching the legs pain below the knee cap, behind the knee, above the knee cap. I have to wear strong support everyday otherwise I cant even go out, and if not for the pain killers i would not get up.

My X-rays drew a blank and I have had an MRi but now have to wait another three months before seeing a consultant, Pain pain go away. Sport suppot, Ice packs, thermal rubs, are just a few I have tried.

I have contiplated crutches, amputation (joking, but have felt like it when the pain has woken me up at 3am). I ran down the road yesterday, BIG mistake, I am paying for it today (cant walk) . best pain killer tonight is a bottle of wine  :(

- I have had my mri scan, can I ask for a copy of the scan and get it reviewed sooner for opinions?
- From finding this site my impresion is it is my Meniscus? Is that a good first impression?

- A big warm thankyou to the guru for bringing this information and making it readily accessible.

Thanks for now and I am sure I will be awoken in a few hours, but before that I have to get up them stairs which is gonna hurt a lot  :( :(

Ciao Ifty from Cardiff

Title: Re: Advice sought and pain help
Post by: Shazinoz on April 04, 2003, 04:53:48 AM
I would ask for a copy of the report and fax a copy to the OS and ask them to review it ASAP, tell the OS that your probelms as getting a LOT owrse and are now impacting on your life in such a way that you can barely walk and can't sit very long either, this is something that needs to get looked at sooner rather than later, as if your knee pain/injury is imapcting on your life this much then it needs to get looked at. There is a big difference between a knee that is painful and annoyinig and one wich is painful and waking you up all night and making having a NORMAL life possible.
Good luck (and if you can keep a copy of the report for yourself for your own records and this makes it easier if you wanrt a 2nd or 10th opinion down the track.
Good luck
Title: Re: Advice sought and pain help
Post by: peter783 on April 04, 2003, 12:06:56 PM
Thanks Shazinoz,

I wasn't sure I could, I will be on the case today, I know I wont forget as I have constant reminders (My knees, he he, we have to look at the bright side of life eh).