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Title: Rehab Whizz Kids Required for Vicious Circle Breaking
Post by: Plumie on March 18, 2006, 09:44:57 PM
A normally successful maintainance programme with Pilates for my knees with shallow femoral grooves, a knee minus patella and maltracking patella that appears to have gone well off piste thanks for kneeling excercises 6 months ago (this one had a TTT years ago), leaves me going round and round trying to find a solution.

The problem has exacerbated to the level that I have a hyperextension movement prior to making a step forward - though not painful it is becoming SO uncomfortalbe and putting strain elsewhere.  Physio, taping and a rubbish brace have not led me to the key to solving the problem. 

Does anyone have any thoughts on finding a fix? 

At the moment I quite 'fancy' another patellectomy as that one is my 'good' knee!

Look forward to hearing from you.