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Title: Sharp Medial Pain
Post by: J_Jackie on March 13, 2006, 03:42:48 AM
I underwent surgery for patella tendinitis and removal of a synovial plica in October. I have worked hard to rehab myself back to original shape or so I like to think. I bicycle on a stationary bike every night and do other exercises to continue to strengthen my legs. I've recently started more physical activity (running, some sprinting, and plyometric activities). I am now experiencing some sharp pains on the medial side of my knee in the area of where the plica was removed. What is causing this pain? Is it ok to work through the pain or is it causing damage? Would it be best to monitor the pain for awhile since I've just taken up the harder physical activity and see if it worsens, stays the same, goes away or seek medical advice? If I should seek medical advice should I go straight to the OS or could a chiropractor help me out? The pain comes on mid-activity and is very cumbersome. It's not so severe that I have to immediately stop activity, but definitely present. Any thoughts about what could be causing this, if I should be altering my activities, plan of action, and any other opinons and/or advice/insight is greatly appreciated! Look forward to hearing from all you fellow KneeGeeks!
Title: Re: Sharp Medial Pain
Post by: shade on March 13, 2006, 09:40:45 AM

I'd definately be seeking advise from the OS....  You don't want to do more damage to your knee.  I'd also be holding off on any activities that creates this type of pain. 
Let us know how it goes.  ~Shade
Title: Re: Sharp Medial Pain
Post by: gaz on March 13, 2006, 04:46:59 PM
i would recommend a second opinion but i would continue with any physio that doesnt cause pain.  if its a dull ache then my physio tells me to continue  but stop as soon as i feel a pain. ;)
Title: Re: Sharp Medial Pain
Post by: KarenS on March 14, 2006, 03:02:35 AM
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Title: Re: Sharp Medial Pain
Post by: back guru on March 14, 2006, 01:29:48 PM
As a final gesture...
Sad to hear the surgery didn't fix everything for you I suppose that makes you wonder if it was necessary at all. Don't waste more time seeing an OS as someone advised, they have already done what they can and if your unlucky may suggest and arthroscopy to 'take a look'. A chiropractor doesn't work on muscles which is what you need.
The pain you are feeling is from a problem with the adductor magnus or semimembranosus (its always hard to know exactly which one you are feeling) especially in the section 6 inches above the knee or point of pain.
The muscle is permanently contracted and reacting part way through your exercise due to early onset of fatigue due to poor circulation.
To take away your pain you need to release the contraction and shortening in the muscle(s) by trigger pointing it. I suggest you start by sitting upright on the floor, with your back supported against a wall, with your bad leg bent at the knee and splayed out to the side(bottom of the foot against the inside thigh of the good leg)  so you can do the trigger pointing with the point of your elbow.
Start with a hot pack and place it on the area six to eight inches just above your knee where it hurts and heat the area up well until it is quite red and hot (10 mins).
Use the point of your elbow to work inch by inch up the muscle on the inside of your leg. The line is straight up from the point of pain at the knee.
The muscle will feel hard and tight and probably very sore. Hold the pressure firmly into the muscle for about 1 minute then move up an inch and do it again inch by inch until you have gone about 6 or 8 inches up your leg.
You will find the tight line is tight enough that you would be able to flick it like a guitar string with the point of the elbow if you wanted to, so try to work across the muscle slightly and find the point just before it flicks from under your elbow (the high point I call it) and stay right there for the minute. That will give you a better result.
Once you have done along the complete line over 10 minutes or so put the hot pack back on the leg for 10 minutes. Go to bed for the night and then put the hot pack on again in the morning for 10 mins before you go off for your day.
Do that for three or four nights by which time you should feel the muscle is not as tight and sore (except maybe from the work you did the previou day.)
Leave it for another 4 days before exercising on it again and if you feel the pain at all again repeat the process for a couple more nights being very specific to try and search out any left over tight lines of muscle.
You could get a warm up and warm down massage on the general area before you do the trigger point work if you liked by having someone use the flat palm of their hand and leaning their body weight from the good leg side, do pumping compressions around the area (no oil) , 30 seconds on 30 secs off for a couple of minutes.
Title: Re: Sharp Medial Pain
Post by: J_Jackie on March 14, 2006, 11:58:50 PM
back guru,
Are you saying I should or should not see a chiropractor?