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Title: Therapy not helping??
Post by: babygirl on March 27, 2003, 01:38:24 AM

I posted back a while and told you about my left knee.
I hit it and a week later had pain.  By three weeks later I was unable to walk.  When I put pressure on it, it was incredibly painful.
The MRI gave no indication of something wrong.
The ortho said that he thought he saw a tear, but was fairly certain there wasn't one.  His assistant said she thought she saw a questionable area on my ACL, but I didn't respond that anything like that was wrong.
So, they gave me a cortizone shot.

I am currently in physical therapy.  The Dr. gave me a neoprene brace to wear and it helps tremendously.
I don't feel much pain with it on, but if I try to get around without it, the pain comes back in full force.

All of this started around the seventh or so of Feb., when I hit my knee.

Today was the first day I carried my daughter out to the car.  I felt the pain in my knee as I went down our 3 steps.  It hurt a lot!!!  The pain feels like it's on top of my knee, right above my knee and in the middle, inside of my knee.  
When I walked her out of the car, into the store, I could barely stand it(excuse the pun).
I was wearing my brace.
So, it seems that I can not tolerate any weight bearing at all!!  even with the brace!
I can't walk at all without it.
Then I slip it on and MAGIC I feel much better.
The knee also feel tender when I bend it.

So, any ideas?  I don't know what to think anymore and I am scared that I it's taking so long to get better.
I exercise and ice every day.  The Dr. said to keep moving it.
Shouldn't there be some relief by now??????


thanks so much


Title: Re: Therapy not helping??
Post by: oneillii on March 27, 2003, 01:46:10 AM

I also felt that the "formal" physical therapy was not doing too much for me so I switched therapists to a personal trainer who is also a licensed PT.

Try and contract your thigh muscle...if you don't see pretty good definition of the quad muscle I can tell you that chances are therapy WILL did for me. That quad strength is essential.

Of course then I went back to work too soon and messed myself up again! By the way, stairs have started to hurt again since I re-injured myself and lost that quad strength.

Good luck! Susan
Title: Re: Therapy not helping??
Post by: Emily on March 27, 2003, 02:29:06 AM
I dont have much to say there... I did 10 weeks of formal PT and didnt get anywhere :-/ :(. Does your brace have a hole sut out for the kneecap? Im sure it has a lot to do with what the actual problem is, but I think those personally provide a LOT more comfort! My knee gets REALLY tender after I ice it, but im not sure what that means or if it is the same feeling you get... it kind of feels like pushing on a bruise.  On a side note how old is your daughter?
Hope your feeling better soon!!!

Title: Re: Therapy not helping??
Post by: babygirl on March 27, 2003, 02:53:38 AM

thanks for the replies.
Yes, my knee brace has the hole cut out.

I can't understand how this takes so long.
If there is no tear.....why would I have pain like day one without the brace......and pain like day one, when I hold my daughter with the brace?
Not to mention all the clicking and popping every time I turn,.....that was NEVER there before this.???

On a happy note, my daughter is 15 months old.  The joy of our lives!  She is so sweet and adorable.....thanks for asking!
Title: Re: Therapy not helping??
Post by: Emily on March 27, 2003, 03:08:11 AM
I dont even know if this is possible but could something be bruised?
AWWWWWWWWWWW 15 months!! That is SUCH an awesome age. My neighbors who i have babysat since theywere 2 weeks are now 11 months and almost 3!! I also babysit 9 month old twins twice a week! I LOVE THEM!!  Whats your daughters name? I bet shes aorable!!

Title: Re: Therapy not helping??
Post by: Heather M. on March 27, 2003, 03:32:11 AM

Any additional weight is multiplied when it comes to your knees--especially going down stairs or down hill.  That's why all knee patients are encouraged to keep their weight as low as possible.  I am not able to pick my nephew up because it feels like someone is driving a railroad spike into my knee.  Even my dog, who only weighs 22 pounds, is too much for me to carry any distance.  So if you were carrying the weight of your daughter and going down stairs, you probably stressed your knee too much.  I believe that every additional pound is like 7 pounds of stress on your knee going downstairs/downhill.  Do the math.....

As for why the knee feels better with the brace, it's probably because your kneecap is not properly aligned without it.  I get instant relief when I put my tracking brace on.  If you get pain relief from a simple neoprene brace, you might want to look into one of the bigger braces...HEAVEN to put them on a sore knee.  I love my Breg PTO, and I know a lot of people here do, too.  The braces are also good because they keep the joint warm and provide compression and overall stability.

If your OS doesn't think there's anything wrong, yet you are having all these problems....could be time for another opinion.  If you are having a flare of patello-femoral pain (mal-tracking, chondromalacia, and all the incarnations/side-effects) then it can take up to THREE MONTHS of dedicated, appropriate, and correct therapy to make you begin to feel better.  Remember, the therapy has to be targeting the right areas.....

It really sounds like you've got patello-femoral syndrome (PFS) aka anterior knee pain aka chondromalacia--just from what you've described.  This needs to be addressed by an OS who a) specializes in knees and b) specializes in PFS.  They are not that common, believe me.

Take care and hang in there.  We've all been where you are right now.  It's no fun.

Title: Re: Therapy not helping??
Post by: babygirl on March 27, 2003, 07:58:10 PM
Wow, that was so GREAT information!!!

Another point I wanted to add, is about therapy.
When I lay on my stomach, and do knee bends.......lifting my left leg up by the knee..........
I can feel all sorts of ridgety grinding, type feelings.  It feels like something is moving back and forth, but not smoothly.  Very odd sensation.
I don't get this from the other exercises.

As for my daughter:) , her name is Isabella:)
She is so beautiful!  I just adore her!
Thanks for asking!

Thanks so much for the advice.  I do my exercises every day and I ice.  My Dr. gave me Darvocet for the pain.
I only take it at night.

Besides the knee I suffer from, the brace is starting to really get to me.  

Hopefully, I will get better soon.  It's starting to storm here........gotta get off the computer......

thanks sooooooooooo much......and I'll keep reading for advice!
Title: Re: Therapy not helping??
Post by: Emily on March 27, 2003, 10:59:05 PM
What is Neuropathy?
Title: Re: Therapy not helping??
Post by: babygirl on March 27, 2003, 11:27:38 PM
neuropathy is when you have phantom type nerve pain.
I have a spinal cord injury.  I can walk.  You wouldn't know to just look at me.
But, it cut me in  half, so to speak.  
I  have lack of motor skills on my right side and lack of sensation on my left side.
The left knee is what I hurt.
I have a burning pain, on my left side, that is always there.  It's nerve pain.  Nothing is really causing me pain, it's just what happens once nerves are severed.
I do not feel hot/cold/pain on the left side.
I have hypersensitivity, which causes "willies" like sensation when something touches my skin.
Not a pleasant sensation.  So, wearing the brace makes my leg burn more intensely and gives me the "wiilies" or
an odd tingling sensation that is not pleasant.
Eveyone experiences neuropathy differently or have different extents of it.
So far, there are no pills to take to help it completely.
Did I explain that well?:)