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Title: can anyone tell me whats wrong
Post by: sallyann47 on February 01, 2006, 04:43:01 PM
Hi to you all, can anyone tell me what could be wrong with my knee please.I had polio as a child and now i'm 52 and like us all getting abit more knackerd in my every day life.and found that my non-polio leg was getting abit weaker, so i have been trying to do some exercise's to build up my muscles.But if i lay flat on my bag and try to bend the knee i get alot of grating and grinding in the knee which makes it sore.It feels like something is coming out of position and then popping back in.Also make leg makes a funny movement ( hard to describe but here goes)if you held two pencils bottom to bottom and then keep move 1 sideways,its like the 2 bones are slipping across from one another. not sure if anyone will know what i mean as its really difficult to put into words,but if anyone has any idea i would be very grateful.thanks :(
Title: Re: can anyone tell me whats wrong
Post by: misshilde on February 01, 2006, 05:45:43 PM
Hi Sallyann..welcome..sorry to hear about you knee pain..but it's hard to say anything without seing a doctor...if it feels like your knee is slipping, maybe it is..if muscles and ligaments aroung the knee are really loose..which happens with age..knee can slip..I would continue doing exersizes to strengthen muscles and see knee doc as soon as possible..

good luck

hilde ;)