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Title: New and need advice!
Post by: Kate_88 on January 26, 2006, 04:13:54 PM
Hi all!
Have only just joined and am a bit new to all of this!

I need advice on something:
I ruptured all of my cruciate ligaments playing football just over two years ago.
I had a double reconstruction about 15 months ago and was given the 'all clear' little over four weeks ago.
However, on Sunday, i was only jogging and twisted and clicked my knee again, and the pain was similar to
when i ruptured my ligaments two years ago. I went to my GP and he said go back to the surgeon. I now have an appointment
to see him monday. Do you think that i should stick to his advice and diagnosis, or should i get a second opinion?

Title: Re: New and need advice!
Post by: anxiousknee14 on January 26, 2006, 06:26:20 PM
im new to this to and very young but you can still take my advice....i have had so many knee problems to last a life time(literally) if you think there could be something else done there is never any harm in getting a second opinion, sometimes secoind opinions can save your life or your athletic capability, your talking to a pro at getting second opionions so if you feel like you need one or could do better with one you should get one keeping in mind you dont have to go with what either of them say