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Title: What are people's work status?
Post by: scp203 on January 22, 2006, 11:18:22 PM
I am just curious whether people are working or not with their knee problems? I have been off work since August due to microfracture and complications. I am trying to get back ASAP but it requires 12 hour days on my feet. I've been looking through the bulletin boards to find other people's experiences with their knee issues and employment.

Just curious.

Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: stgiles16 on January 22, 2006, 11:41:17 PM
Hi Susan, I was injured in an MVA in 2001. I tried going back to work but was unable to do so. I have not been able to go back to work since then. I have had complication after complication so I dont expect to ever be able to work again with my current health status. I do have more health problems than just the knee so I may be an exception.

Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: CarolineA on January 23, 2006, 12:37:51 AM
Hi Susan,
I shattered my patella in August, was off work for two months.  (I do IT support.)  Then worked from home for a month.  (I can connect to people's computers remotely, which was a godsend.)  Actually started going back into the office in November.  My boss and coworkers have been fantastic. Even though my doctor gave me a totally unrestricted work release, I still can't see myself hauling 30 pound monitors around the office like I used to.  I'd like to put a locked splin on my OS's leg and have him do some of the stuff he thinks I should be able to do!!! 

I hope you are able to get back to work soon.  Maybe a modified schedule?  It was really hard for me to go back.  Thought the commute alone would kill me.  It's really hard to ride public transit during rush hour with a leg that won't bend!!!  People just don't look where they are going and trip.  I arrived at work more than once in tears.  It was almost easier to stand, but people don't like to see people with canes standing. 

Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: SheriBerry on January 23, 2006, 05:39:38 AM
I have been off of work since day before Thanksgiving. I had my medial meniscus removed in full on my left knee on Dec. 29th. My job is a retail job, so it requires all day standing. I will be released back to work this coming week, but will only be allowed to work for 4 hours a day. The encouraging thing is that I will be able to work again!
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: sparkle999 on January 23, 2006, 10:46:03 PM
I was off from the injury in march til end of may. Then back teaching, the summer hols were great then off another 10 weeks form end of oct til jan. Have returned on the condition I do not move classrooms, pupils come to me, i do no substitute cover teaching , do no extracurricular stuff and do not do a duty. This has been agreed up unytil half term when I will take everything back on and hope for the best.
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: Doc79316 on January 24, 2006, 10:42:03 PM
Hi Susan,

The job I hold at the moment is as a Planning Inspector and I have to make site visits/building inspections. Not easy with a leg that doesn't work. I've held this post since September 2002 and in August 2003 I had TTT surgery. I was off work for 3 days, worked from home for a month (admin only) then returned to office based duties for 5 months. Had to take it easy from then on.
Had tendon transfer surgery in June 2005 & had 10 weeks off sick. Went back to work for 4 weeks on a phased return - office based and reduced hours. Because of complications I was then off sick again from 3rd. October, returning to work on 15th. December. I have just had more surgery on 13th January 2006 and I return to work (officially) on 6th. february. I have booked some annual leave so overall I'll have about 6 weeks off altogether. I have to return to my GP to get a note to recommend another phased return for a couple of weeks when I return.
Hopefully, all will be well with the leg from hell after that point. I'd like to give up work and take it easy so as not to damage my knee further. But I earn decent money adn would get incredibly bored at home. So, I'll work right up until the day I can't physically do my work.


Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: Boydy on January 25, 2006, 01:09:37 AM
Hi Susan,    good question,  I have been wondering the same thing myself.  I had a LR a year ago, and by all accounts should have been able to go back to work by now. But Unfortunately I have had constant swelling since the surgery ( which makes me limp) and because of this I can't weight bear too much at all. So my job as a kindy assistant was way too physical & demanding. I had that job for 15 years so was very hard to give up.  :(  I am 44 but am not ready to put out to pasture just yet.  ;)  I am going slightly insane from boredom and would like to do something, but don't know what, as I can't stand or sit for more than two hours at a time. And can't lift or carry things. hhmmmm... bit limiting ( not real good on computers either)  I have put my name down at agencies for temp work as reception, but competing with everyone who has office skills is a bit tricky.  You never know what is around the corner, good luck to everyone else out there trying to combat workforce and sore, swollen knees.   :-\  At least I get to sit down, ice and elevate when need be.  ( Maybe bored out of my mind and flat broke ) But there has to be some positive things about it !!   :P   Tomorrow is another day !!!!    :D
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: Jennifer82 on January 25, 2006, 09:29:48 PM
I worked as a Pharmacy Technician when I had my MVA in 2001. I worked up until 2003 when I had my knee reconstruction and I had to quit cause I could no longer stand. I went back to work in 2004 as a mail order Pharmacy Tech so I could sit at a desk but in 2005 when I had to have my TKR they fired me b/c I asked for 8 weeks off. So now I am facing another surgery so I have decided to put off looking for a job until I am better...if that ever happens!

Wishing everybody good days and hope maybe one day we will all be healthy and working again!

Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: tkdgirl on January 26, 2006, 12:57:53 AM
I stayed in bed for the first week after ACL/MCL/Medial and Lateral Meniscus work. For the second week my fiance hauled me up to the Karate School that we run, and I sat behind the desk and talked to people. After about 12 days I was back at my desk job part time, which was a challenge. Since my leg was locked strait, it was interesting getting in and out of cars....

I'm 4 months post op, and back at work full time, as well as back teaching Taekwondo 5 nights a week. I still limp, and can't bend my knee past 88 degrees, but I'm back at it.

My work is pretty understanding and accomodating about having to take time off for PT and OS visits.  My boss had his meniscus done this past summer - lucky for him no problems, unlike mine!

I see a new surgeon on friday!
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: marann1947 on January 26, 2006, 01:16:20 AM
Had microfractures done last year in April 2004.  After being on crutches for 6 weeks, I was allowed to use my cane and return to work on light duty(I was workman's comp). It was July before I returned without restrictions.  Had my first round of synavisc injections in September.
Think the most important aspect of the microfractures, is to stay non-weight bearing as long as it takes.  I sure hope it works for you.
Am looking forward to having my TKR as soon as the correct implant is found.
Good luck.
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: jerman710 on January 26, 2006, 04:43:30 PM
I twisted my knee on May 11, 2005 I've been off ever since then. I deliver home medical equipment ( oxygen, hosp beds, wheelchairs etc.) so I have to climb lots of steps and there is lots of heavy lifting involved. I'm sure the WC carrier can't wait until I'm back to work. My case manager is pretty understanding. She knows that I'm trying to get better.

Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: Gill0611 on January 27, 2006, 12:47:38 PM
Injured my knee 2 years ago and went back to teaching job on crutches due to a forth coming inspection! I felt like this made my recovery time longer. So this time when i tore my ligament and possibly cartilage in december i said i would stay off as long as needed!!!! By January i was getting cabin fever. Tried going back to work as reception teacher and managed 3 days before I was in agony!!!
I have now agreed to go in for 2 days a week as i obviously can't manage more, too much moving involved with the little ankle biters!
Maybe this could be an option for you, my boss  has been quite sympathetic, especially when she sees me in so much pain!!!
Hope this helps!
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: patpalloon on January 28, 2006, 12:37:44 PM
Hiya. I tore my ACL on a Sunday in September and spent most of that day and the next in bed in severe pain. I went back to work on the Tuesday. I spend a lot of time on my feet in my job. I had an arthroscopy recently and had 7 days off to recover. The hospital said I needed 2 weeks but I felt fine and they said no driving for 2 weeks but I was fine as it's my left leg so it doesn;t have to do a lot.

Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: brigitta on February 01, 2006, 06:53:21 AM
Hi Susan

I work for myself from home so I basically can come back when I need to (which is a good and bad thing!). The prob with having your own business though is that literally nothing gets done while I'm gone! I am lucky that my partner is the boss of his work so he could take a week off to work from home to look after me without too much hassle. I think I'll take off about 5 days total (but still do emails and phone calls after a few days) then start to get back behind the desk. One thing that you have to make sure of is that your desk allows your leg to be straight out under it because you can't bend it to sit down!
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: miners on February 01, 2006, 10:14:52 AM
seeing as yuo want to know what work situations everyone is in with regards to their knee problems, I wanted to be An operating Theatre practitioner but due to the amount of time I fall and dislocate me knees I was classed a health and safety liability so I gave up my job working with the nhs operating theatres and now I qualified as a Lawyer- but whilst I wanted to be a litigator, my knee's still dominate what I can or can't do. due to the amount of court work I did not have the confidence to be running around the county from court to court so I have settled into a role in the firm as a Probate lawyer which means that I am office based. The boss knows that I have to work around my knee's and so far so good but it does rule your life!
miner uk
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: harry78 on February 01, 2006, 02:25:57 PM

I am a Maths teacher in UK and I have had 6 months out because of the surgery. I am returning now gradually to a sense of normality but its quite difficult when sitting after long oeriods of standing up and walking. I figured that after a half a year the knee should be okay to withstand certain twisting movements that are sometimes needed to carry tasks out and I can kneel down most importantly. Before surgery I was in no shape (physically and mentally) to carry out my duties, but now I'm really appreciative of everyone's help including you good people.

Cheers Harry
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: jillycats on February 01, 2006, 03:44:13 PM
I originally injured my knee over 5 years ago. I'd been teaching for only 5 weeks (in a special school). I had 3 months off then went back part time to start building up to full time. Then a year later I had further surgery and was off for 7 months. Most recently I had surgery in October and am still off, waiting for a new knee brace before I can go back again. The school has been very understanding but there are some things that I'm not allowed to do - teach swimming, playground duty. Because it is a special school there are a lot of students with challenging behaviour which means that I do have to be extra careful, but otherwise things are ok.


Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: Flame on February 01, 2006, 05:38:50 PM
I have been off work since April 30, 2004.  I am thinking about staring a business from home. Don't know when I will be able to return to work. I work retail and it requires alot of lifting and moving and twisting and I can't do that. So I will have to find a new career.

Flame :D

Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: jan uk on July 11, 2007, 08:24:21 PM
Hi susan i had micro fracture and various other things in right knee and tear in left knee june 06 i'm still suffering and have been off work since the operations.jan
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: Amanda1975 on July 11, 2007, 09:44:07 PM
I was working in retail, the hours suited as I have a young family, but I was on my feet all the time, this brought on the symptoms though it was not the cause of my knee problem, I went on long term sick as the Dr was kickling his heels about the whole thing.  I eventually left, my wage missing became an issue so I retrained as a book-keeper and I now work from home.

Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: TIBBAR on July 11, 2007, 11:02:12 PM
 Had bilateral TKR Nov 22,2006. Was off work from then till March 26,2007. Had MUA in April. From March till now just part time. Will go full time in the next few weeks as PT will be over. 4mo off 4 mo part time. Had plenty of sick leave and a very understanding OS and boss.   CAROL
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: garth on July 11, 2007, 11:40:51 PM
My boss changed my working week to 3 days as I was having so much trouble working for a full week. I think its helped a bit. I'm lucky my boss is so understanding. I think that my manager may be fed up with me though.

Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: kimmyxs on July 12, 2007, 12:25:58 AM
I fractured my patella in June of 06.  I had and ORIF after and returned to work in 4 weeks.  I had the screws removed and a VMO Advancement, LR and debridment in Janaury 07 since the screws were catching in the muscles.  I returned to work in 3 weeks.  I have a job where I do much meeting facilitation all over my 11 story building.   I do much standing up and sittitng.  While I have pain still, getting back to work was my goal since I find most of my emotional well being is tied to my job.  I think that you will find most of your responses will be from those who haven't been able to return to work quickly and have more problems with their knees.  The arthritis is very painful and I am facing a TKR in my future, but at 48 it was very, very important to me to manage the pain and work on PT.  I am very lucky I know, but each of us is different.
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: Limping Welshman on July 12, 2007, 01:02:12 AM

I had an ACL recon (hammy) to the right knee on June 7th, because im in engineering (lifting, oily surfaces etc) ive got 8 weeks off! Just getting to 5 weeks post op tomorrow! back to work 3 weeks monday! Damn, all this time off and the weather has been awful!

Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: brianne on July 12, 2007, 03:05:58 AM
I work.  Its probably not the best thing right now, but I need to pay my bills.  I work for Habitat for Humanity and in the summer my job involves being on my feet quite a bit.  I have resorted to being creative.  I use a chair and sit whenever possible, I delegate tasks out to people, and I make sure people know that I cannot do too much walking.

I was only off 10 days with both of my TTT's.

Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: ex-gymnast on July 12, 2007, 05:40:29 PM
i am the stubborn one.  I had ACL surgery on a Wednesday and Coached in a Gymnastics Competition on Saturday.  That was at the lovely age of 21. 

Now after 8 knee surgies and facing 2 tkr I work as an accountant.  I sit at my desk 40+ hours a week.
Title: Re: What are people's work status?
Post by: Brown Dog on July 13, 2007, 07:01:14 PM
I own my own retail business so I took 7 days off after meniscus trim and should have taken longer. It has made my recovery much longer because I am on my feet a lot. also have to do so lifting which is getting easier now after 8 weeks.