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Title: Is this common in a knee problem???
Post by: TinaRich on January 21, 2006, 08:07:53 PM
hi everyone
i am not sure where to post this but any help or advice from anyone would be greatly apprecated.

Since my last artho in september the only problem besides the knee still hurting is my good leg (right) heel hurting when i have done to much for the day. But Friday i decided screw the pain i was going to go up stairs and paint one of our bedrooms. So i was on my feet for about 4 hours and i did climb a ladder just to the second rung to get the edgeing at the ceiling, the rest of the painting was with a roller with a extention handle on it. I can not remeber if i was on tip toes alot or not. But I finished with the first coat and thought ok you can finish tomrrow. So i came back down stairs and sat down for about 30 minutes and remember i had laundry to switch around. Well my laundry room is up stairs and i usually advoid climbing stairs unless i really need to. so i started to stand and OMG the knee pain was serve and very stiff, and my calfs felt like they where on fire and very very very tight. Well i manage to get the first step going and hit the stairs, getting sharp pain in my good knee was not a good sign and the throbbing pain in bad knee.

So today my good knee is feeling better but the bad one is still throbbing and very achey but my calfs are still very tight and painful  to walk on. I have done calf stretches  and keeping my hinny warm on couch.

Has anyone else had this problems with their calfs and if so is there anything else to do along with the calf streches. I have also icing knee too and just being flat out lazy today.

RReally getting tired of the lazy part tho hinny kinda starts hurting after awhile  :D

any imput would be greatly appericated

Thanks again
Title: Re: Is this common in a knee problem???
Post by: Nettan on January 21, 2006, 08:30:10 PM
Maybe you didn't think of it and tried to reach high up with standing on toes most of time.
Are you used to be standing a lot on same spot and surface ?
This can also explain if you aren't used to that.
My advice for you is to take it easy rest, ice and elevate as much as possible and maybe avoid doing this for so long time.

Title: Re: Is this common in a knee problem???
Post by: denise76 on January 22, 2006, 12:35:08 AM
I can relate...

I've been having knee pain & swelling for over 2 years.  no scope yet but I am pushing.  one of the side affects has been tight calf muscles.  no amount of stretches has really helped.  I tried massage therapy & it was useless.  I relunctantly tried a chiropractor & he was able to pin point the 'knots' in my calf muscles.  after several sessions of him applying pressure (which hurts!), I found relief.   If your pain persists I would recommend trying both options.  I think it all depends on finding the right massage therapist or chiroprator.  From what he told me, your muscles work overtime to support you when you have knee injury.  not sure if it makes sense but it made me so happy to finally get relief.  I was willing to do anything as I had the muscle problem for months before I did something about it.  for short term I found heat pads & massaging myself to help.
Title: Re: Is this common in a knee problem???
Post by: TinaRich on January 22, 2006, 11:50:01 AM
hi eveyone,

Netta you are proabably right about stretching and not noticing cause i can not remeber if i did any tiptoe stunts. But i did Ice and calf stretches and this morning abit relief hoping  today even better.  Hmm Thinking hubby will finish painting for me  ;D

Denise I hope you find relief soon with your knees, I have been living with my knee pain now for 3 years (all cause from a auto accident). Have you gottin a second opinion yet? Maybe a fresh pair eyes will see what the others have not. I thought about having my hubby massage my calfs last night but then i thought better of it cause he forgets about his strength and is not gentle.I did spend yesterday icing stretching and rubbing my own calfs and this morning feel abit better going to continune the same routine today and hopfulling will be all better tomorrow.

Thanks again nettan and denise  :D

Title: Re: Is this common in a knee problem???
Post by: blackbeltgirl on January 24, 2006, 03:57:27 PM
A lot of people also paint barefoot, instead of wearing shoes with good support.  If you've got flat feet, that alone can cause knee pain and/or calf pain.

My calves like to knot  up.  Besides stretching (several times a day) potassium and vitamin D actually help the body release the lactic acid build up and the knots.  Bananas will provide the potassium, and milk is an easy way to get extra vitamin D.

And of course, you may need to give in and make someone else finish painting for you.  Hope you feel better soon.