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Title: Need advice after accident
Post by: IanB on January 04, 2006, 04:02:33 AM
   had a motorcycle accident about 12 days ago and when I tried to stand up my right leg buckled under me. Got up ,took a couple of steps then crashed to the floor again. 4 times I crashed to the floor. Problem is i'm in Indonesia and it's difficult to get the doctors to agree. From a physical examination I was diagnosed as having torn ACL, damaged meniscus and possibly more.
  The plan is to get home to the UK or to Siingapore and with that in mind the leg was given a plaster cast from ankle to thigh so that I have some mobility in order to go home. I know from this forum (thanks Heather) that the plaster cast will cause the muscles to atrophy but if I take the thing off and exercise i'll just collapse on it again and each time I collapse on it this must surely be worsening the damage.
   While waiting for the operation (swelling must go down) are there exercises that i can do either with the cast on (probably not) to keep some of the muscles toned? Alternatively, if I take the cast off, what exercises can I do without causing more damage? It really is very unstable.
Can anybody recommend a surgeon in the UK or Singapore for arthroscopy?
Also I have read that the first week after the operation can be hard. Would it be possible for example to have an op in Singapore and perhaps the next day get a 2 hour flight back to my home in Indonesia to recuperate or is that just out of the question.
Title: Re: Need advice after accident
Post by: shade on January 05, 2006, 12:28:15 AM

Sorry about your accident.  Good luck with your upcoming surgery.

Maybe this site might help you....