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Title: Sleeve to wear under a Townsend brace
Post by: Baxterman on December 29, 2005, 04:55:59 AM
I have a very badly worn left knee and have had to wear a Townsend brace for stability when I do anything strenuous like skiing. I used to have a rubber sleeve to wear under the brace to protect the skin. It has worn out. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement ?

I am a newbie here and my doctor(s) have told me that I should be thinking about a knee replacement. I am 63 years old and tore my ACL and MCL in a motor cycle accident when I was 26. They were not fixed. I  also had a medial menisectomy in 1971 in that knee. I decided a loing time ago that I was not going to let this knee stop me from being active - so I have learnt to ski, play tennis, golf, etc. Maybe this activity (with the help of a brace) contributed to the deterioration of the knee. I feel bone on bone contact and my docs tell me that I have advanced arthritis because of the uneven wear and bone contact.

I have pain most of the time - but I have gotten used to it. I do not take any prescription meds - yet. I am wondering if I should just go ahead and get the knee replaced - people who have had it say they got better quickly and recovered full use of their knee in a few weeks. But the prospect still scares me.

I am hoping to learn a lot from the other members here about what is ahead of me. So thank you all ahead of time.
Title: Re: Sleeve to wear under a Townsend brace
Post by: Audice on December 29, 2005, 11:32:22 AM
Hi Baxterman ~ I sympathize with your problems. I have a few years on you agewise but far less time dealing with pain. I also wear a Townsend Premier brace when I feel the need. I was given the cotton sleeve to use under the brace if it bothered me, but I've never resorted to that. I find the brace comfortable enough. Try going out to to see about contacting the company for a replacement.

Like you, the thought of knee replacement is unappealing - to say the least. So I do whatever I can to protect what's left from further damage - w/o sacrificing those things I enjoy doing. It does become a delicate balance & I've only been dealing with the knee problems for 8 months. Amazing how the day begins & ends around the ailing knee. Wishing you well...Ellie
Title: Re: Sleeve to wear under a Townsend brace
Post by: shade on December 29, 2005, 01:03:56 PM

I wear a DonJoy brace, but found it slipping and hurting and found a lycra knee brace undersleeve or bracesock which has helped tremendously.....

This is what they look like - once you have it in place and the brace on you fold down the sleeve over the brace and that helps keep the brace from moving also....


Good luck.  ~Shade

Title: Re: Sleeve to wear under a Townsend brace
Post by: cat on December 29, 2005, 01:54:20 PM
Or try bracesox-
 ;D cat  ;D