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Title: 6 months on/knee swelling
Post by: desiree1 on December 28, 2005, 11:05:42 AM
Hi all,
A bit frustrated really as im now 6 months since a scope to clear a meniscus tear and still my knee swells up mostly just above it,if I do much in the way of exercise it just stiffens up the next day and can become painful and this usually lasts a few days and this never really goes down I can feel it stiff when I bend the knee.
My OS did say a couple of months back that it might take time for the knee to settle down as I did have an ACL back in sept 04 but I would have thought by now it would have improved.Perhaps I have damaged some more meniscus but cant say I can feel anything moving around within the knee.
Just seems to be no end in sight and this does get you down a bit, any suggestionsfrom anyone ?

Title: Re: 6 months on/knee swelling
Post by: Boydy on December 28, 2005, 09:06:01 PM
Hi Chris,
we have chatted about our common swelling issues before, as it is 10 months since my LR and still have the continual swelling  (same as you described) I agree ,  it has become VERY tiresome !  :-\   The only thing that I can suggest to you is a brace or eleastic knee sleeve, (not sure if we have disscussed this)  For me it hasn't made a huge difference in my recovery, but because it feels so much better and stronger (and also minimises pain) it allows me to do some activities that I couldn't do before I discovered these items. Just to get back into the mainstream of life for awhile is a bonus. It doesn't stop the swelling but keeps it in check (until you take the sleeves off), so if you can elevate it and ice it as soon as you take it off, it is much better. I am at the stage where I am now trying to find ways of just living with this constant swelling, I can't see it ever going away, ( I have tried EVERYTHING) had so many tests and seen so many 'different field' specialist.   ::)
Anyway, off the track there,  have you tried any of these braces or sleeves as yet ?  My PT gave me the elastic sleeve, so that didn't cost anything, and my brace was covered by my medical insurance (once I got a letter from my doctor) so they are worth giving a go as it costs nothing to try.  ;)  Hope this helps, good luck,
Title: Re: 6 months on/knee swelling
Post by: Cindysphynx on December 29, 2005, 02:57:05 AM
I'm three months post-op for meniscus removal, and I have swelling too.  It's much much much better than it was pre-op, but it isn't 100%.  I'm getting a little tired of icing.  It seems to act up every day, whether I exercise or not (although it performs well during exercise). 

I wish I had answers, but I don't . . .
Title: Re: 6 months on/knee swelling
Post by: desiree1 on December 29, 2005, 10:48:31 AM
Hi Cindysphynx,
Just a question did you have a lot of swelling before your miniscus removal ? I wonder if I have torn some more.
Yes I do wear a sleeve occasionally Boydy but I think I should more often and I do take Ibuperfen but dont like taking to many pills.
Im icing as I write......

Keep smiling

Title: Re: 6 months on/knee swelling
Post by: shade on December 29, 2005, 01:07:46 PM

Maybe your GP could prescribe some anti-imflammatory meds to help with the swelling.  I also hate taking pills all the time, but think maybe a prescription might help with the constant swelling you are having....
Title: Re: 6 months on/knee swelling
Post by: Cindysphynx on December 29, 2005, 05:09:40 PM
Chris, one reason I had the surgery was the swelling.  I had played a tennis tournament, and I couldn't walk well for several days afterward because of the swelling. It had reached the point that taking the maximum dose of ibuprofen wasn't doing anything.  I couldn't go up stairs. 

Both of the OS's I consulted said I have "tight" knees with little play in them.  As one of them explained, having a torn meniscus is like having a rock in your shoe.  It causes more trouble if you wear tight shoes.  A minor meniscus tear on someone with little play in their knees will be more bothersome than someone with lots of play in their knees.  I think I'm one of those people who is just prone to swelling when they're injured. 

Is there an anti-inflammatory that will work without destroying my stomach?  Since the surgery, I've worked hard not to take any ibuprofen, as I figure I should save the ibuprofen for when I'm playing lots of tennis and really really need it.

I do wonder whether I've reinjure the meniscus that was trimmed, but it doesn't matter, I guess.  There's no way on earth I'm having a second surgery so soon after the first one. . .