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Title: First injection tomorrow
Post by: Sharon on December 05, 2005, 12:46:33 AM
Hi everyone,

Well I found an OS who's not only willing to do the synvisc on my knee but he's also very interested in seeing my knee as he's never seen a patient who has had a patellar tendon replacement as I did. Considering my OS is the only one I know of in NY who does them this doesn't surprise me. So I have an appt tomorrow with this doctor and I'm not looking forward to having a needle put into my knee. I really really hate needles!!! I'm also a little concerned about whether my scar tissue is going to affect the injection at all. My PT knows this doctor and told me that he is a knee specialist and that he's very good and very nice as well so I feel comfortable going to him for this. She was actually going to go to the appt with me but unfortunately she has a homecare to do at the same time as my appt. I think I am going to discuss the idea of backup pain meds with him though because I have nothing at all to take for pain and I'm really reaching my tolerance point with this. I would make an appt with my PM doctor but I want to see how the synvisc goes before I do that. Anyway, I'll let you know how things go tomorrow when I get home.

Title: Re: First injection tomorrow
Post by: shade on December 05, 2005, 11:41:19 AM

Really there is nothing to worry about with these shots.  You do not even feel them....

Good luck and let us know how everything goes.....  ~Shade