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Title: What kind of surgery am I having?
Post by: asu21at on November 04, 2005, 10:02:20 PM
Hey I'm knew here and have used the search but can't quite find what i'm looking for.  I was diagnosed with patella tendonosis in  my right knee by a specialist at steadmans clinic in Vail, CO.  On monday I'm having an arthroscopy and open patella drilling.  They said they are going to go in with a scope and cut out the "small frayed parts of my tendon" and then drill 2 or 3 holes to increase blood flow to promote healing.  I asked the dr if it was a microfracture procedure and he said "no not at all, it's open patella drilling"...Does anybody know anything about this? If so feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks in advance.