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Title: Question regarding rehab after ACL reconstruction
Post by: BladeRun on November 03, 2005, 09:13:11 PM
I'm extremely glad I found this site, I've already learned a great deal (though the quest for knowledge continues).

I'm going in for ACL reconstruction on the 16th.  I also tore the maniscus in the same knee, which will be repaired at the same time.

My question is around rehab afterwards.  My Othopedic surgeon tells me up to 6 months, going 2 to 3 times a week.  Sounds great, except that my insurance only covers 60% of the cost of rehab.  Thus this venture will be a costly one. 

I don't doubt the benefit and necessity of rehab, but is this many visits truely necessary?  I'm extremely active atheletically, am an avid weight trainer, and am extremely determined to get through this and get back in the gym and onto the slopes.  Once I know what I should and should not be doing, I'll absolutely work on it on my own, so I see no reason to go in for rehabilitation more than once every few weeks.  Obviously I would attend regularly in the month immediately after the surgery.  But I'm told that long term rehab is more to make sure people do it rather than out of need for a professional supervisor.

Am I incorrect in this assessment?  Are there any good resources (ie books) for self-rehabilitation?
Title: Re: Question regarding rehab after ACL reconstruction
Post by: cheapaschips on November 03, 2005, 10:02:59 PM
Hi, i'm 8 weeks post op and at my hospital (NHS) we have a mandatory 12 week rehab programme - really intense - 4 hours a day 5 days a week.
they give us the exersices we do them, they monitor our swellnig / range of movement tell us when we can extend or change our programme to suit our ability and healing and specific to our graft etc.
this compared to a lot of folk on here is fanatastic - I've read people tales of being back at work in two weeks and sorting themselves out.
also i think certain weight programmes will be out due to the stress on the knees, but talk to your OS see what he says.
If you're as good and keen and knowledgable as you sound you'll probably be okay, but this op is about the rehab not the operation if you really what to get back to 100%

cheers cheap
Title: Re: Question regarding rehab after ACL reconstruction
Post by: clesher on November 04, 2005, 01:27:48 AM
It's been 10 months since my acl operation.  I've never gone to any physical therapy, but worked out on my own.  I already had an established exercise routine and spoke to my doctor about it.  He suggested a few additional exercises and I printed info from the web to make sure I was covering all of the essentials.  So far, so good!  Good luck to you.