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Title: Should I ask for an exploratory scope?
Post by: centaur532 on October 25, 2005, 04:40:22 AM
So my appointment with my OS is coming up on Wednesday, and I feel a little more prepared to talk to him about the pain I'm still experiencing.  I've basically undergone every non-invasive procedure they could come up with and nothing has worked.  PT, TENS unit, Cortisone shots, Nerve block/trigger point, orthotics etc.  Even though my MRI, X-rays and bone scan seem to be normal, there's something going on that he's missing, that everyone has missed.  I feel like the time has come to be more aggressive about figuring out what's going on. 
Thing is, I'm afraid that it's the semimembranosus tendon and that wouldn't be covered in a scope.  I am a little confused.  Something is definitely getting worse.  I feel a pull all the way down the back of my knee, from just above to just below, everytime I go from bending to straightening. 
Do I ask him to open up the knee itself, or scope it, or what?  I'm unsure, but something needs to be done because I'm tired of having no life to speak of. 
Title: Re: Should I ask for an exploratory scope?
Post by: three_screws on October 25, 2005, 05:35:48 AM
I fully understand that you want to find out what is wrong with your knee. I still feel that there are some undelying issues in my joints which haven't been picked up. However, it's important to realise that an exploratory scope is still a medical procedure. It will still have an impact on the inner workings of your knee even if no procedure is carried out once in there. However, if all other possible avenues have been exhausted it may be the option for you, many orthopaedic surgeons don't like doing scopes unless they have a reason to do so but if the pain you are having is causing you enough discomfort they will probably do it to find out what is wrong :)
I know the feeling when you feel you're pain is not being taken seriously, it's really upsetting and frustrating! Have you tried getting a second opinion from a different OS, different specialists have different interests and different areas of strong knowledge. It would be worth a try!! :) Goodluck with whatever you decide :)
Title: Re: Should I ask for an exploratory scope?
Post by: centaur532 on October 25, 2005, 05:48:42 AM
Thanks for the input.  My current OS is doctor number nine, so he is basically 'the second opinion'.  I think part of the problem from the original exam with him was that he did not palpate deeply enough to pinpoint the problem area.  While this may sound odd, I am going to mark the areas that hurt with a pen, get him to do a second exam, and hopefully go from there.  If he really feels there is nothing he can do, I will ask him to refer me to someone who can do something.  I have nothing to lose at this point.  The exploratory scope is just another procedure to check off on my list.  Total pain up the arse, but I've done basically everything.  I'm going to try and get a copy of my physical therapy records to show him, so he can get a decent background on everything I've been through this year.  They tell the story better than I do.
Thanks again for the advice :)