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Title: Synvisc and Pregnancy
Post by: Chase on October 08, 2005, 06:28:54 PM
Hi all,

I am a 28 year old female who has had 9 surgeries in total on both knees combined, you can see my bio at the bottom.  In June my doctor had to take out all the meniscus on the inside of my left knee.  He says I still have my cartiledge left so I am not bone on bone yet, but the cartiledge is very rough (not smooth).  He is recommending Synvisc injections for the pain I have and to help prevent anymore damage to my cartiledge. 

My husband and I are wanting to try to get pregnant starting in January and I have read that Synvic has not been tested on pregnant women.  Isn't it a natural substance occuring in the body?  Even though this substance comes from chickens, I would think that since it is not a drug I should be ok??

I am meeting my doctor again on Oct 19 to get his opinion on this but does anyone have any more information for me regarding pregnancy?  Should I just wait until after I have a baby? 

I am already worried about gaining minimum of 30 pounds and carrying it on my knees so I am hoping the synvisc would help but I do not want to put my baby in harms way.

Chase ???
Title: Re: Synvisc and Pregnancy
Post by: Chase on November 17, 2005, 10:14:49 PM
Hi all,

Just an update from my posting as I see no one had any information to provide.

 I decided to go through with the synvisc injections as my doctor said that there really isn't any risk to the baby if I get pregnant as this is not being injected into the bloodstream.  He mentioned it is supposed to stay in the knee and eventually get metabolized.
Anyway, personally, I found all 3 shots to be a breeze!  I was scared reading some of the posts up here about the excruciating pain.  I guess everyone's pain tolerence is different but I would get that shot every day of my life if it made a difference.
It has been a week since my last and final injection, so far I feel great, I don't know if I notice too much change in the knee yet.  It seems to be more fluid and comfortable but I am reserving judgement for the next couple weeks as I don't want the changes to be all in my head.

Good luck to everyone!
Title: Re: Synvisc and Pregnancy
Post by: shade on November 17, 2005, 10:49:27 PM

Good news for you..... glad to hear that the injections have given you some relief.  Even though the injections are only temporary - I also agree with you that Visc shots are worth trying.  I had read stories about the Visc shots and wondered, but trusted the surgeon saying we had to break through the pain cycle. 

I've just had one NeoVisc injection so far/two more to go.  It feels wonderful - it has already given me mobility & I'm relatively pain-free without limping.  Know it is early, but sure enjoying how this feels - Glad that I tried these shots!! 

Good luck to you,