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Title: Just a Waiting Game
Post by: painisevil! on September 21, 2005, 03:33:25 PM
well, my mom finally got what she wanted...... a doc. that said that i'm just having growing pains.  basically he said i need to stretch and in a few years my pain will go away.  i think the thing that made me mad was when he said "if being active hurts and not doing anything hurts than why not be active"  i'm not really sure why that made me so mad.  i really want to be active but i just cant.  there is way to much pain involved.  so basically, there will be no more doc. visits for me and i willl quietly be suffering in my room.  i'll do the darn stretches i have been doing since physical therapy a few months ago, and i will try and wear the orthodics, but i just want the pain to go away.  these "quick fixes" havent worked in the past and i've become very pesimistic.  i dont even really know what i was hoping the doc. to say but i know that wasn't it.  i'm having pain and not growing.  my x-rays from a few months ago show that my growth plates are basically done fusing or w/e you would say, but o well.  wish my luck w/ this waiting game.

Title: Re: Just a Waiting Game
Post by: Nettan on September 21, 2005, 05:35:55 PM
Sandy, even if you have growing pains or whatever it is there is no way you should go on needing to suffer like you do.
Unfortunately there are some young patients who has problems like yours for some years and then get better, if everything really is ruled out that it isn't something else. If you do surgery on a knee which doesn't need surgery you can develop problems for life. Sometimes it's better when having young patients like you to wait with all which includes surgery. I know it's not fun and absolutely not fair either. I hope you can get help for your pain and also so you can use your legs. Maybe watertherapy should do you good. Bath in hot water and do excercises there. Have you ever tried that ? Hope it gets better for you and that the docs are right.
Wish I could do something for you !!