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Title: ACL/PCL/MCL completely torn surgery or not?
Post by: NanC on September 18, 2005, 11:11:26 PM
I blew my knee playing softball May 6 2004 though racquetball and badminton are my main sports. (Female, age 47, very active)  I chose to rehab w/o major surgery and have diligently worked out with an Athletic Therapist for 1+ yrs.  I've had a rocky road.  Fitted with a sports brace in Nov 04 and progressed to playing racquetball 'socially' by late Dec 04 when my knee swelled and locked up - had a scope to repair meniscus and surgeon used scar tissue to heat-shrink ACL & PCL ligaments (loosened up within 3 months).  Rehab progressed well til April 05 when  impact exercises were introduced- skipping and jogging caused severe patella swelling (due to PCL instability) - rehab came to a grinding halt for 3 weeks.     Rehab started slowly again in late May 05 and am again at point of withstanding some lateral exercises and jogging.

My sports doctor feels ACL recon surgery would help stabilize the knee.  He referred me to Surgeon #1 who states ACL surgery would do nothing, its PCL surgery you need and I don't do it      He refers me to Surgeon #2 who says the PCL instability is not interferring with my knee function.   He suggests an Osteotomy to create a slight bowleg, as each step opens my knee joint inwardly (as there's no MCL left) hence weight distribution would become more even over my knee, followed by ACL recon surgery if i don't get the desired stability.   Very invasive surgery, I think!

Question:  Has anyone had an Osteotomy as a result of a blown knee or PCL recon surgery??    How was recovery and did you get desired results?
Title: Re: ACL/PCL/MCL completely torn surgery or not?
Post by: shadehawk on September 21, 2005, 01:26:04 PM
Hi there Nan,

You should really get hold of Tiggs (Tanya) who had multi-ligament reconstruction.  Here is a link to the some posts...

Don't give up, hang in there,

Title: Re: ACL/PCL/MCL completely torn surgery or not?
Post by: SKOM on September 21, 2005, 11:36:08 PM

Never have I heard of bone being removed/reconfigured to offer some knee support/stabilization. And the results are not reversable for doing so. This is my opinion, these 2 doctors do not do PCL reconstructions because lack of personal technique. It is a specialized surgery. Find a OS who does them and watch the difference in outcome.

Create a bowleg? :-X Don't doctors try to fix these..........

Title: Re: ACL/PCL/MCL completely torn surgery or not?
Post by: a2n on September 22, 2005, 01:03:51 PM
I agree with SKOM.   Find an OP who really does these things on a regular basis.   Do not go lightly into any surgery that removes bone.   
I just think you have not yet found tha right OP.  Good luck.
Title: Re: ACL/PCL/MCL completely torn surgery or not?
Post by: silva on September 22, 2005, 03:53:59 PM
Shade mentioned Tiggs.  She is at the moment engrossed in studiies, but you will find some notes on  the cruiate ;igament sites,  She is progressing slowly but seems to be going ok. Do not know if you are in the uk. her final surgeon was able to  completely rehui;ld her knee, and it would appear that you need one that can do more than just acl.
When I I next talk to her I will ask her to go on line and leave message for you.
Title: Re: ACL/PCL/MCL completely torn surgery or not?
Post by: SKOM on September 22, 2005, 06:36:41 PM
I belive she had an PCL repair which is a HUGE difference than a reconstruction. But maybe she could refer you to someone in your area if you're in the UK?
Title: Re: ACL/PCL/MCL completely torn surgery or not?
Post by: silva on September 22, 2005, 10:48:13 PM
Yes skom is right, she did have a lot more done. i.e. failed acl twice arthoscopy mcl pcl pol recon.  I will remind her to come on line
Title: Re: ACL/PCL/MCL completely torn surgery or not?
Post by: tiggs on September 27, 2005, 10:26:19 PM
Hi Nanc

I cant comment on what you have been told about osteotomy but I can comment about the pro,s and cons of the types of surgery. To cut a long story short , I bust my knee many years ago. It was misdiagnosed as acl tear infact I totally ruptured it and had nothing but problems with it. It constantly gave way and eventually I had surgery. 1st time the screws came out, 2nd op had screws removed, 3rd op recon using patella version. This still was not successful as my knee was still unstable. It felt like it rolled inwards and downwards at the same time towards my other knee when I walked. I seeked a 2nd and 3rd opinion both of which came up with the same diagnosis, I had also totally ruptured mcl, partial pcl, and pol . This may I had acl realigned as was to tight, mcl pcl, pol all reconstructed. The pcl was done by using the Lars tecvhnique which is an artificial synthetic ligament which acts as a scaffold and touch wood so far so good. This is the first time in over 8 years that my knee feels stable , it no longer rotates or drops . I have other complications which slow my progress down in comparison with the others,unfortunately I have nerve damage from a crushed spinal chord which affects my right side, but nevertheless I am finally off my crutches and am now using a walkking stick,

I would without a doubt recommend that you seek more opinions, pcl, mcl are more technical and not as commomn as acl so you must find a good knowledgable OS,, get the right one who knows what he is talking about. I would recommend my OS  any day he was wonderfull and I still get to see him personally even 16 weeks after surgery,

I hope reading about someones positive feedback regarding mcl, pcl, acl this will give you some more encorougement.

Good luck,

Tiggs ;)
Title: Re: ACL/PCL/MCL completely torn surgery or not?
Post by: kat131 on September 30, 2005, 07:22:49 PM
Hi NanC-
I'm surprised you've done so well w/o reconstruction so far!  I ruptured my ACL, PCL and LCL in one bad soccer tackle.  I couldn't even stand on that leg without it giving out prior to my first surgery.  I know my OS was debating whether to reconstruct all the ligaments in one surgery or not but there was never a question in his mind that he needed to re-do them all.  I had them all reconstructed in one surgery in April 2004.  Since then I've had a manipulation under anesthesia and a scope to clean out scar tissue....other than an upcoming hardware removal I'm hoping I'm done.  I basically have a fully functioning knee even though I won't play soccer again (doctor's orders).  It's not a normal knee but it works.  I do plan on getting back to softball, skiing, etc.  I would be suspicious of any surgeon not wanting to repair what's broken (as it is possible) and performing other surgeries to modify your leg to compensate.
Good luck!