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Title: Bi-partite or injury?
Post by: three_screws on September 17, 2005, 02:12:45 AM
One of my friends hurt his knee playing squash, his knee planted into a wall at high speed and instant swelling and pain occured. The knee was stiff and he couldn't bend it well at all for a couple of days. It's been well over a month now and there is still pain in the knee mainly on the side of the patella down the bottom on the lateral side. He said it's aggravated more during sport to the point where he is not playing alot of sport because of the pain. Apparently he also has Bi-partite patella from when he was younger?? Something which i have never heard of...could this be related? What do you guys think??

Pip :)
Title: Re: What could this be?
Post by: stgiles16 on September 17, 2005, 04:35:38 AM
I have never heard of that either but if he hit the wall at full speed , he could have damaged his articular cart on the femoral chondyle. I tore mine in a traumatic accident.

good luck and if you find out what that means, let us know