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Title: Help!! Knee Problem.. Maybe Hamstring
Post by: Nails on September 12, 2005, 10:12:56 PM
I had ACL reconstruction on June 24 of this year and I am almost 12 weeks post-op. My original injury happened on April 15 of this year when I super hyperextended my knee. The surgery went great but I am still having problems on the back left part of my knee (left knee). Its a little above the middle of the knee to the left and almost to the hamstring area. It has hurt me since April 15. It has gotten a little less painful than it was but it still hurts. It doesn't hurt walking or running or going up stairs. It hurts when I try to bend it up and go into a crouch. Is it still suppose to hurt like this? Does anyone have any clue about what this is?