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Title: Open Patella fracture
Post by: bikersmurf on September 10, 2005, 04:49:15 AM

Hello! While surfing the web I came across this site. I have found out alot of interesting information on this site. I was in a motorcycle accident 15 days ago and ended up with an open patella fracture. I have had a hard time getting informaton and answers in lamens terms from the doctors. I have had two theropy sessions now. Staples came out yesterday, nasty scar. I am not looking forward to being in a stablizer for another 6 weeks. I can bend my knee and stand, but can not pick leg up while sitting down. Top thigh muscle aches, they want to shock it.  Any one herd of that before? I don't know how long the recovery is going to be and am very down about it. I herd lots of different stories and do not understand alot of the things they talk about. If any one has had one of theese before or any advise I would be thankful.
Title: Re: Open Patella fracture
Post by: three_screws on September 10, 2005, 05:06:16 AM
I have not been in the same situation but i can tell you unfortunately these things take times. The shock treatment they may be talking about for your thigh may be a TENS machine, i am not entirely sure what these do as i haven't had one, however alot of people on this website would of. I dislocated my knee a couple of years ago in which i cracked my patella and tore my meniscus and i had to wear an immobilising brace for about 4-6 weeks. They are not fun but definitely worth it in the long run...hang in there, it will be better before you know it!
Sorry i can't be of more help, goodluck!
Title: Re: Open Patella fracture
Post by: claire.S on September 11, 2005, 10:21:08 AM
Hi Bikersmurf,

Hi, I had a car accident longer ago than you 2.9 years ago, sustained many injuries, one of which was an open patella fracture, not heard many people on here with the same, but its high impact i guess.  I too have a nasty scar, as the bottom part of the skin was ripped by the bone, its still very sensitive.  I have been through the same sort of thing as you, I was in plaster, followed by knee brace, I had tension band/wiring for the patella, a year ago I had the metal out.  To start with I couldnt even do a straight leg lift, and the same things as you described, it does take perserverence and time, i was quite focused at the time, now i look back and wonder how i coped with it, but don't despair, you will have the inner resources to cope with it, now all this time on, i can do more or less everything i did before, accept kneel, thats because of the scar though, and run, but i probably could if i wanted to, i do wish you all the best, if you want to chat, i can answer any questions you have or send photos. Take care of yourself.
best wishes Claire
Title: Re: Open Patella fracture
Post by: bikersmurf on September 11, 2005, 04:52:39 PM
Thank you for your kind words. I have no one really to talk to about it as everyone I know has had knee replacement, this is quite different though. Yesterday I got upset cause all my friends went out for rides on there bikes and I sat back and watched. I hate it when everyone gets up to help me , I do like the help and carring but I can do somethings.I am 33 and using a walker, that kind of gets to me. I am able to take the striaghtner brace off, just need it to walk, but I can bend my knee. like you it bothers me I can not lift my leg up. I have a nasty scar . looks like zorro sign. I have 4 wires in there keeping my together. I think they hurt more than the knee. My Os is not good with talking in lamins terms, I did'nt know what a patella was until I broke it lol. I have had 2 PT so far, They want me to come atleast 3 times a week, well easy for them since they can drive. I am not being bitter just real. I do my exercises 2-3 times a day. They are going to shock my thigh muscles, have you had that? I have never herd of it. I know everyone is different, but no one wants to give it to me striaght , I can not get a clear idea of what to expect or time wise. Thank you for listing to me. I hope to hear from you again. We can share knee stories . Everyone calls me smurf. I am 4ft 8.