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Title: Horse riding accident
Post by: kp2603 on August 14, 2005, 02:08:00 PM
I was recently thrown from my Pony and landed badly on my knee, at 1st it felt totally dead - I dragged myself out of the field and was taktn to A&E where Xrays were taken and an appointment made to visit the Fracture Clinic the following day.  The Consultant I saw looked at my knee for less than 10 mins and suggested I had an MRI Scan - although this was not feasible as the waiting list was in excess of 4 weeks - therefore they confirmed Keyhole surgery would be required.  Three weeks later I went in for the keyhole and was advised that it was much more serious than they initialy thought.  I had torn one Cartilidge, detached the other, damaged both mcl and completely torn the acl.  They removed the acl and bandaged me back up.  I was in real bad pain still and had to stay in hospital for one night.  I have yet to meet with the Consultant to discuss exactly what action they took, and have the stiches taken out - I am left in a leg brace unable to move my leg beyond a 10% Flex.  I know from being in hospital (and talking to patients) that there may now be the possibility of a second Operation.  Can you give me any advance warning/suggestion of what may be likely.  Is is possible to maintain a normal life without a second operation.  I am female in my late 30'2, fit and pretty active.  Thanks   :-[
Title: Re: Horse riding accident
Post by: Audice on August 14, 2005, 08:25:15 PM
Hi KP ~ I'll be the first to take a shot at answering your question about whether normal life can be maintained w/o certain parts of your knee as I, too, did some serious damage to my knee on my horse.

I'm sorry about what happened to you & have to tell you that agewise you & I are a million miles apart. I'm 67 & I'll share my feelings about living a normal life with a damaged knee.

My accident happened at the beginning of April (this year) & like you I destroyed my ACL and tore the medial meniscus with irregular signals within the lateral meniscus - among other things. But these were all determined via an MRI & perhaps, although you're facing a waiting period, you ought to pursue that route so you know more definitely what's happening within your knee.

My activity level hasn't honestly changed now that I'm past the worst of the pain, HOWEVER, I honestly don't ever expect to have a right knee I can count on. The instability from the missing ACL can be helped immensely with a brace but you're young enough to have cruciate reconstruction; I'm not. I find that although my knee is no longer unstable, it's not predictable. I truly don't know what's going to happen next to it.

A simple twist just a month ago had me in the kind of pain I wasn't sure I wanted to cope with the rest of my life. Now that's leveled off & I feel as though I'm waiting for the next twist to bring something new to the fore.

I'd sure suggest you get your knee looked into & repaired so it doesn't get to govern your every move. Just my opinion & wishing you well...Ellie
Title: Re: Horse riding accident
Post by: shadehawk on August 15, 2005, 05:00:37 PM

I was always very active also.  I had a bad fall off my horse 9 yrs ago and this has changed my life.  I have just recently had a surgery and have now been diagnosed with OA (osteoarthritis) behind kneecap.  This is very painful whenever I put pressure on my knee. 
I had to quit horseback riding several years ago due to all the pain it caused, but thought I'd eventually get back to riding again.  Now, I am not so sure about that. 
Your knee situation is different than mine.  Ligaments heal and hopefully with physio you will regain all your activies again.  If you need another surgery then go for it, ACL surgeries have gone very well for people. 

Good luck to you and good healing.....

Title: Re: Horse riding accident
Post by: rockette on August 15, 2005, 06:53:05 PM
Hello KP
 Second operation meaning an acl recostruction? It sounds as though they removed the acl and repaired the cartilage. You are fortunate that they did the scope and some repairs right away. I had waited a year. I too had an accident but had bailed sideways off a quad. (4x4 bike) and my leg did the exact same as yours.It's like there is nothing there to hold it up. It truely is a weird feeling. I never did have an MRI, yet was placed in a brace following the incident(3mos).9 months later a scope was performed and the real issues were brought up. Ruptured acl,torn mcl, and pcl. If only this was dealt with in the 1st place. Now I am held back another year to recoup.Surgery was performed in July.05. I agree with Shade, if something can be done, look into it and see if it is right for you. Take care and good wishes
Title: Re: Horse riding accident
Post by: kp2603 on August 20, 2005, 12:55:28 PM
Hey thanks to you all for your comments - they are very helpful.  I had a second meeting this week with my Consultant who confirmed what they actually did whilst they performed the Arthroscopy two weeks ago. Apparently the damage was immense, and I am having to remain in the brace for at least another 6 weeks, although in four weeks time they want to examine me again - to see what, if anything, Physio can do - and to decide whether I need the ACL replacement (from my Ham String).  The swelling had gone down considerably and pleased the Surgeon, although he is concerned that I still do not weight bear or try any hard physio, as my mcl's need time to repair.

I had a quick session of Physio, although she said because of the damage - Physio is only slight at this stage - a few Muscle exercises around the knee and trying to bend the knee to 60degree flex (that the Surgeon changed the brace to) - this is VERY difficult as my knee feels very stiff - I have not used it or my muscles for about 7 weeks, so I know its not going to be eary.

I am really keen (if possible) to start using my knee as best as possible as quickly as possible - the thought of this stiffness remaining scares me.  I really want to get back to normal life - if possible, including the horse riding!

I did ask whether having the ACL replacement would mean I get back to A1 condition, to which the Consultant felt On a machine test it would show remaining damage, whilst I myself should feel my knee as being A1.

If anyones got any speedy recovery tips, they will be very well received.

Thanks all.

Title: Re: Horse riding accident
Post by: shadehawk on August 20, 2005, 04:32:16 PM

Good to hear from you again.  Sorry that there is so much damage to your knee.  Hopefully,  the knee brace will make it much easier for you though.....

You might want to check out some of the stories on ACL's in the 'Specialist's Office' - 'Cruciate Ligaments' section.  There are many stories about these procedures and many success stories. 

Good luck to you,

Title: Re: Horse riding accident
Post by: rockette on August 20, 2005, 06:23:53 PM

 I feel the same thoughts as Shade. Take care and time. Yes do check out the ACL stories. They are good and imformative.
 Hang in there.