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Title: "DOC" your fired!
Post by: cyndezu on February 11, 2003, 01:17:00 AM
First, I must apologise for clogging up the board today ::) I'm approaching 'freak out mode'
Has any one had to fire their O.S.?
I'm afraid my dear husband and I lost it when he rolled his eye's at me and suggested sending me to a V.M.O. specialist, of course I bit and told him maybe that would help and I'd be willing to try it, He snorted"well there is'nt one". He was defensive and rude my whole visit and only wanted to talk about more surgery and how great my P.T is and he's known her ten years yadda yadda yadda...this great P.T. was'nt even aware my V.M.O. was'nt firing properly untill I pointed it out to her 5 1/2 months into P.T.
going nuts in Nashville ;D
any sugestions on finding A new O.S.?
I have two names from the 'Guru' board, is older wiser?
Special Thanks to The Knee Guru for letting us have this place to vent ;)

Here's to happy knee's, Cheers Cindy
Title: Re: "DOC" your fired!
Post by: Stacey on February 11, 2003, 02:46:50 AM
Hi Cindy

Yes I have had to 'fire' my OS.  Well basically I just stopped going to him and foudn someone new.  For me everytime i hit a mielstone (ie 50 leglifts at 5lbs) he would rasie it (100 leg lifts with 10lbs).  He never seemed to feel that there was an actualy problem.  He never did a full checkup before cutting in and doign a LR (which has no led to many many other problems).  For me though it finally was the last straw when he wanted to do a cortisone shot but i had to drive back to school that day (2.5 hours) so resecheduled it for a day I had off between finals and i drove home just for it and he decided then that i was too young (dont think i became younger over htat week but hey you never know lol) and that if i still had problems to come and see him at the end of hte summer.  I was/am a unicersity student whose only time to fix things is during the summer so it was at that point i went on a trek to find someone new.  Your GP wil have all the writups for every visit to your OS so i asked him for photocopies of it to take with me to my new OS.   As for as older = wiser, older = more experience but also can mean set in their ways and dont want to conform to new medicine.  I have a great older doctor and wouldnt trade him for the world!!  As far as finding a new one ask your GP if they now anyone or ask aroudn to family and friends and find out who they like then ask your GP for a referal.  Hope this helps :)
Title: Re: "DOC" your fired!
Post by: The KNEEguru on February 11, 2003, 12:13:14 PM
I think that some surgeons have quite a hard time when patients start building their own knowledge base and start to challenge the doctor. Particularly with regard to rehabilitation, which is something of a 'grey area' for doctors in general, although generally orthopaedic surgeons are more knowledgeable than the average doctor.
You will find a lot of knowledge and wisdom amongst the users of the board in relation to rehab - so many will have had the same problems as you and will have worked their way around it.

Title: Re: "DOC" your fired!
Post by: Janet on February 11, 2003, 05:41:34 PM
Yes, I "fired" my first OS. Actually, I went for a second opinion and never went back. Then I eventually had that surgeon tell me there was nothing else she could do (and she was a knee specialist), but she did recommend one of the "big name" OS's for me. I also tried a rehab doctor (PM&R), but I eventually "fired" him, too, when he kept insinuating that this was all in my head. That time, I was so frustrated, I actually wrote him a letter. That was childish, and I'm kind of embarrased about it, but it felt right at the time. So now I am waiting to see the "big name" OS at the end of February. Getting anxious about what he'll say. But it is definitely time to change doctors when it becomes adversarial instead of a team effort to get to the bottom of your problems.

Title: Re: "DOC" your fired!
Post by: opal on February 11, 2003, 06:38:01 PM

Yes, I, too, fired my OS.  It occurred upon the discovery of a bakers cyst and serious leg pain, much like the pain of a DVT, which I've also had.  Anyway, OS said there was nothing that could be done, he would never operate on that knee again (DVT leg) and I would have to learn to live with the pain and take necessary time off work to elevate it and wait until I was old enough for TKR.  At the time I was 46, some 20 years away from that occurrence.!!!!!  I really liked the man, I had been going to him for 8 or 9 years and until that moment, I trusted him.  I think I realize now that he in his own way was sending me off to another OS, 'cause he just didn't want to operate again.

3 years later, I've had TTT on that same leg, without any complications, like DVT, and I'm well on my way to a full recovery!  

2nd opinions are invaluable, as you've found.  Best of luck.


Title: Re: "DOC" your fired!
Post by: cyndezu on February 12, 2003, 04:54:10 PM
I think its at times like these, when we are in a state of crisis, its more important than ever to learn as much as we can to help ourselves and help the medical community help us.
Any professional that does'nt welcome an interested and active participant in this process can walk the plank ;D
No ego trips on this vessel matey, everybody grab a line! ;)

I feel better now. :)
Hopefully the good news is I have an appointment with a new O.S., the older wiser of the two from the Guru board :-X
My ex O.S. packed up my paper's and x-rays and handed them over yesterday, my mri films and arthoscopic photo's are missing. I hope I can get those as well, why would he want them anyway?

Special thanks for the input, I appreciate each and every one.
Very glad your doing well with the ttt Opal, congrats!
I'll chalk one up for the bum legged matey's everywhere!

peace, Cindy
Title: Re: "DOC" your fired!
Post by: neil on February 12, 2003, 06:13:15 PM
 i just did the exact same thing. said goodbye to my "super" os and saw a different os/knee specialist. my comfort level with the new os is so much better. he talks to me and not down to me. explains everything and asks if i have any further questions. i am awaiting a date for surgery because of workers comp but the new os is not concerned  and feels confident , as well as my lawyer, that workers comp will approve everything.
good luck and go with whom ever makes you feel right.
Title: Re: "DOC" your fired!
Post by: Netty on February 14, 2003, 06:44:17 PM
Hi there.
Ive fired 2 of them so far LOL.
As you can see by my profile at the bottom of this post, I havent had much luck as yet.
We put our trust in these people when we are at our most vulnerable, when we are in pain and we need help. We seem to listen to them and assume they can fix us. Let me say that you need to be very careful about who you choose. Dont just accept the first one you see, get a few opinions and decide who you want to do this procedure on you.Its easy to make the wrong descisions when your in pain. After 3 failures I have found the so called best and Im still reluctant to go ahead again.  I reported my first surgeon to the Australian medical board as I thought he was so bad. My 2nd surgeon convinced me the 1st  did such a bad job. I let the 2nd doc operate  twice and he buggered up twice. So here I am with the 3rd doc and he wants to do a totally different op than the first 2. Gawd, I dont know who to listen to. Sorry to rave on, Netty
Title: Re: "DOC" your fired!
Post by: cyndezu on February 15, 2003, 12:03:51 AM
Gawd :-[
This is just so awful, I'm nearly in tears for all of you, this whole knee board.
I had no idea what I was gettng into with this acl op.
I meet people all day long with succesful surgeries much worse than mine... how did we get so unlucky.
I'm wearing thin but there's hope right?
I saw my repairman today, he dropped dead twice since I last saw him and had a pacemaker put in, one month ago god bless him,and is merrily carrying on with his life and i'm sitting here with my crutches still, six months
later. well I 've blabbered enough for now, chin up everybody.

truly my best Cindy
Title: Re: "DOC" your fired!
Post by: Netty on February 15, 2003, 06:25:31 PM
what I was saying earlier, different OS's having their own  special way of treating people. I see you had an allograft, my new OS says they are a complete waste of time and they rarely work. HE says if they are sterilized properly they become weak and not much good. Your OS obviously thought they were good to use them on you. Who do we listen to? Someone else on this site said they had an allograft and it caused more problems than it fixed. Fire as many of them as you want to, find the best, theres plenty of them out there who love to take your money for their efforts. A major part of our healing is having confidence in out surgeons. Its cheaper to have 10 OS visits than it is to have 1 operation that fails. I wish you luck, Netty
Title: Re: "DOC" your fired!
Post by: windbarb on February 17, 2003, 01:29:39 AM

I just wanted to thank you for starting this thread!  I'm about to get a second opinion this week,  but I was also a bit unsure of what to do with the first doc (do I tell him?  do I go back for a final appointment with him?).  Now I have a much better idea of how this all works.  

I'm not usually a timid person, but I was feeling a bit shy about "leaving" the first doc, if that's what it comes to.  I feel much better now.

Thank you all!

Barb :)