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Title: KNEEguru Acadamy
Post by: rozzzie on July 08, 2005, 01:11:05 AM
Hi everyone,  I want to put a plug in for the KNEEguru Acadamy!   There are 2 courses out there right now.  I’ve taken both and found both very interesting and informative.
I just finished the course ‘A method of routine diagnostic arthroscopy’    by Dr Strover; it outlines the problems inherent in doing a routine knee arthroscopy, and how knee problems can be missed if the surgeon fails to follow a methodical routine. The course is illustrated with images and video clips.  The video clips are very helpful in understanding the process and what the OS is seeing. This course is a must for those that face arthroscopy or even if you have had arthroscopy it will help you understand what the surgeon does and the difficulty of doing arthroscopy.

Check out the KNEEguru Academy to get there, from the main page click on KNEEguru Academy, or click here (  This another wonderful service of the KNEEguru and I think it is a great resource that can be a good tool to better help us understanding our knees.

Title: Re: KNEEguru Acadamy
Post by: Nettan on July 08, 2005, 07:14:56 AM
Thanks for the tip Rozzzie. I will take time to check this out.

Hugs nettan  8)