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Title: update
Post by: kathleenj on July 07, 2005, 03:39:09 PM
I hope everyone is doing well.  I've been tring to keep myself busy and not dread on the knee issues so much.  I must say it hasnt been to difficult to stay busy since the kids are now out of school for the summer. 

It has been almost 8 weeks since I started the Synvisc and I'm still waiting for any type of relief.  I was told that I should feel some relief by 8 weeks and it can take up to 12 for the full results.  I'm beginning to think this might not do the trick for me.  But...I'm still going to stay optimistic. 
I took a little fall last week...tripped over a piece of flagstone we were putting down and landed right smack down on the bad knee.  Just my luck!!!  Its been a bit swollen and a beautiful color of purple and green but does seem to be getting better.  My husband just rolled his eyes as I fell and of course I had to as well.  Kind of funny now that I think about it.  It is getting better though so thats all that matters, I dont think I did any permanent damage although I was a bit concerned for a few days. 

Well, thats pretty much where I am at.  I really do hope everyone is healing well and the knees have been treating everyone ok.  I'll update again soon.

Take care
Title: Re: update
Post by: brattkids on July 07, 2005, 05:42:58 PM

I sure hope the synvisc kicks in soon for you!!! I will be praying for you that it does!!
Keep us posted and I sure hope you feel better soon!!

Paulette  :D
Title: Re: update
Post by: JG on July 08, 2005, 06:47:05 AM

I was just checking in to see how you were doing when I saw your update. 

I just had my "last" visit with my surgeon this afternoon.  My surgery was 7 weeks ago.  My peroneal nerve symptoms are 90% gone.  The little bit left is most likely coming from my back.  He scoped my knee to see how everything looked 2 years post-op my big mosaicplasty.  He bascially said that he could not have dreamed of this good of an outcome, but he knew it would take 18 - 24 months.  He was extremely impressed with my patience with the healing and rehab process.  He wishes more OATS patients would be as patient as I've been.  All my arthritis symptoms have disappeared - no pain at night, I can sit for long plane rides or movies, and no pain at rest.  I was really lucky in that I am a "good" scar tissue former (don't tell the soft tissue healing forum group), as I am able to maintain most of my fuction/ROM even with the scar tissue.  During my scope one year ago, my grade IV LFC and LTP defects were filled in with scar tissue/fibrocartilage.  Kind of like having microfracture without having microfracture.  He doesn't know how long the fibrocartilage will hang in there and was not willing to give it a guess.  I do have minor knee pain during intense exercise and rehab and still have problems walking up and down stairs (this baffles me because I do heavy leg presses during rehab).  He thought it might be a good idea to do Synvisc to keep things oiled in the joint.  He thought it would protect the both the fibrocartilage on the LFC and LTP and the allografts.  I'm going to wait and he was perfectly fine with that. Prior to this surgery, we discussed grafting the lateral side. However after I had so many problems (from the DVT scare to the giant lymph node to the seeping lymph fluid) and the knee looked so good that we both agreed to let it go.  If and when the fibrocartilage starts to breakdown or break off, he will regraft then. 

I would really encourage you to keep rehabing and be very patient.  Because of the nerve surgery, my rehab was slowed to a crawl.  I just got permission to start full rehab again.  It will take me 1.5 - 2 months to get to my optimal level.  I figure by Labor Day, I will be really good.  I asked him about running again and he really discouraged it.  I told him I would like to do a triathalon that has a 2.5 mile run in Sept.  He just said that he thinks the risk is not worth the reward.  It really takes months and months for the grafts to heal if you not 20.  Just hang in there and live you life, don't let the know be the center of you day.

Paulette, hang in there.  The only thing you have to do is let your knee heal.  Are you in PT?  You know my deal with PT post OATS.  The best thing you can do is nothing.  Let things heal, when you can start WB, then rehab. 

Hang in there girls!  Things will get better with time.

Title: Re: update
Post by: kathleenj on July 08, 2005, 05:40:50 PM

Wow!!! I'm glad to hear that you are doing so well.  Your commitment to the rehab has totally paid off.  I know you are anxious to get back to where you were with rehab but just remember to take it easy and listen to your body.  I've really been doing that lately and it helps alot.  I've made some big gains with my rehab although I am still having the same sharp pains and catching as always.  I've just been able to fine tune things a bit to avoid the things that hurt or aggravate the knee.  Its coming along ok but it just gets so darned frustrating not to be able to just get up and go...if you know what I mean.  I'm still holding out hope that the synvisc will do something...anything.  I'm not too sure at this point.  But either way, overall, things are satisfactory at the moment.  I had to stop taking all pain meds completely.  My stomach has been a mess for a few months and my blood pressure was being affected.  Even just tylenol and advil was making me sick. So for now I am just sticking with ice and dealing with pain as it comes.  It hasnt been too bad so I really cant complain. 
I will be heading back up to see the OS around Labor Day and we will evaluate things at that point.  To be honest, I think I'm ok with the way things are going right now.  I'm far from perfect but when I look at where I have been, and where this can go...right here, right now feels very comfortable. 

Take care of yourself and keep me posted.
Title: Re: update
Post by: kathleenj on August 22, 2005, 05:21:54 PM
Since its been a while since I have posted I thought I would give you all an update.  The knee has not been behaving at all recently.  For some reason it has gotten really bad over the past month.  Constant swelling, locking, catching and grinding.  The night pain has gotten ridiculous and exercising it is torture.  I've pretty much had to pull back on everything I have been doing because everything hurts.  Obviously the Synvisc did nothing!!!  I spoke with my OS last week and he felt it was time to get some imaging done.  He wants to see what the alignment is like and check out the patella so I had a CT scan last week.  I received the report from the radiologist and its not too good.... patella tilt, severe osteoporosis, severe patellofemoral degenerative joint disease, subchondral cyst.  I havent spoken too my OS yet because he received the report but wants to see the films before he talks to me. 
Now of course, not being a doctor causes me to jump to all sorts of conclusions, however, none of this sounds good to me.  Especially since all the problems with pain and locking has skyrocketed this past month.
Anyone have any thoughts about this?  I would love to hear what someone else may think about this since I will not hear from my OS for a day or 2 and my imagination has gotten the best of me.