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Title: Must-haves for July 20th
Post by: Amanda82032 on July 05, 2005, 03:31:29 AM
Hey Everyone! My name is Amanda and I'm 15. I've had 4 surgeries and I'm going in for my 5th which is the Fulkerson procedure. It's scheduled for July 20th. I was wondering if there's any thing I should probably buy or have on hand for the surgery .. before or after. I'm going to be in an immobolizer and will be using crutches. I'll also have to be sleeping on the couch since my room is upstairs. Is there anything that anyone used that helped them out with any of their knee surgeries? Even if it helps just a little and isn't quite a neccessity, I'd be more than grateful to hear it! Thanks!!

( Amanda (
Title: Re: Must-haves for July 20th
Post by: Mandy on July 05, 2005, 05:47:23 AM
hey amanda!

first off, i wish ya the best of luck with surgery again!  my #1 savior after all my surgeries was a little footstool in the bathroom.  in am immobilizer, its a little uncomfortable using the toilet and having no where to put your foot.  i highly recommend one of those. also, setting up a little clothes basket by the couch might help too.  since youll be camped out there for awhile, you may wana put some clothes in one so u dont have to have someone run around looking for stuff.  also, i suggest putting like the remote, cell phone, meds, light snacks, and stuff to do on a little table by the couch.  youre not gonna feel like getting up for awhile so that way, all ya need is right there.  and last but not least, either a back pack or some kinda carrying sack.  that way you dont have to carry around stuff in your hands and dont need someone always carrying stuff for ya!  you can find those anywhere. 

hope this helps!!  good luck!!
~mandy :D
Title: Re: Must-haves for July 20th
Post by: rozzzie on July 05, 2005, 11:49:57 AM

GOOD LUCK of the 20th! ! !

Check out some of the posts just below this one.  Shade has some good threads with a lot of good stuff listed

H U G s !  !   

Title: Re: Must-haves for July 20th
Post by: mhsflute07 on July 10, 2005, 01:39:56 AM

I totally agree with everything Mandy mentioned. Ice machines....Breg PolarCare, CryoCuff, etc....are great!! I love mine. hospital let me keep all the pillows that were in my little recovery room.....but, not only did I use them to elevate my leg, but to put behind my back, etc. Mom/Dad is a must, lol. Ummm.....I know other people have invested a lot more into "surgery aids" I personally didn't, but everyone's situation is different. And, not to scare you, but beware of the blood rush.....make sure you stand up sllllooooooowly.

Good luck!!

Title: Re: Must-haves for July 20th
Post by: SallyW on July 10, 2005, 03:38:44 AM
You can also get a pair of sweats (or whatever) at the thrift store and whack off one leg - wear them for the first week or so. After that, you'll likely be able to take off the brace long enough to put on regular pants, then wear the brace on top of that.

I have tended to shy away from medical devices (other than crutches, lol!), at least partly because this is only for a short period of life. Why turn your house into a "hospital?" Not to mention - although you aren't going to feel like going anyplace for the first week or so, after that you'll be hopping all over the place. What are you going to do when you go visit Aunt Susie (or whomever) - take your potty rails, your stool, your bath seat, your reach -em - thingy, etc. with you? I doubt it - you'll just figure out a way to do what you need to do - and you won't think a thing about it! Sure, I head for the handicapped potty stall at the library, but I'm very comfortable at home where our bathrooms are far from accessible. In fact, hubby and I have talked about camping this summer - and back country "bathrooms" don't exactly have rails! (snort! Prickles and stickers under the tush/crutches are more like it.)

Either a backpack or a plastic grocery bag works fine...I guess I like the plastic bags more - don't have to keep taking the pack on and off (harder than you'd think while on crutches).

I've been through the immobilizer route 3 different times - and I'm much older than you (which probably makes me a bit doddering! lol! But recovery was probably more difficult). I'm currently NWB from something else...this is really easier than you'd think. Don't over plan - I'd focus more on your summer vacation, the upcoming school year, etc - this is a minor blip in the over all scheme of things!
Title: Re: Must-haves for July 20th
Post by: shadehawk on July 10, 2005, 04:34:52 AM

My suggestions are: 

baggy shorts/sweats or snap/zippered baggy pants
$10 plastic foot stool to prop up foot in bathroom while you are immobilized
clear path through house so you can get around with crutches
walmart equate hot/cold compress - (stays soft) very-cheap

Good luck on July 20th.

Title: Re: Must-haves for July 20th
Post by: stefanie on July 13, 2005, 02:05:31 AM
Good luck on the 20th  - bless your heart so young for surgeries, my son was 9 when he had his first knee operation.  So he understands what you are going thru.

Although it isn't a necessity by any means - it was something for me to do, as my attention span was not all that great while on pain meds -  ::)  I bought a couple of those little hand held games, Yahtzee, Solitaire, etc.....  Think they are only $10 at Wal-Mart, Target, etc.... 

Keep us posted,

Title: Re: Must-haves for July 20th
Post by: IndyCelt on July 13, 2005, 09:33:19 PM

I was too sick to focus my mind on reading after my surgeries, but my sister gave me a Calvin and Hobbes comic book and that was just right for when I couldn't stand another minute of TV. 

Good luck,

Title: Re: Must-haves for July 20th
Post by: shadehawk on July 14, 2005, 11:34:32 PM

Another thing that might be helpful as this time of year the only thing tv seems to have on is junk - get some dvd's or vhs movies lined up so you can watch some of your favourite movies....  We borrowed some from some friends and also dug out some old ones that we had...Should help with some of the boredom..

Think that Stef had a good idea also - those hand held games pass the time....

Just a thought...

Title: Re: Must-haves for July 20th
Post by: TrippyAshley on July 31, 2005, 04:57:54 AM
Since your surgery is in July, i would suggest finding like gym shorts with pockets.  I had a terrible time because i wore gym shorts practically 24/7 and none of them had pockets to carry like my cell phone and stuff....Other than that just pretty much what everyone else mentioned.....cryo-cuff, pillows, removeable shower head is a must!

Good luck!