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Title: back again
Post by: wimple on June 29, 2005, 08:09:37 PM
haven't been on here for AGES!!! still struggling on with the NHS, had another MRI early June and have to see the consultant again end of July. Not on crutches any more, haven't been since November 2004, so I suppose thats progress, still can't kneel down and have days when the knee locks, slides and all sorts of lovely things! How are Nettan, Holly etc doing now???? on a personal note, the divorce gets finalised in a few weeks, we've been to court over his contact with our small son ( his choice not mine) and life is slowly getting back to normal!
Title: Re: back again
Post by: Nettan on June 29, 2005, 08:17:58 PM
Oh hey Wimple !!

Have wondering about you. How nice seeing you pal !!
Great that you aren't on crutches. This with divorces sorry are very very tricky sometimes.
Hope things will be good for you.

Well ,me it's anothe rthing. Havve bad problems with both legs. After getting more and more probs with right you know my good knee been told it's worn-out, might need a scope now at first to clean out. Feel on my left with no brace on with whole weight 2 weeks ago and got a basketball on it one week later. Have had so much swelling. Has seen 2 OS last 2 days and done Mri 2 times, drained knee and cortizone. Are in immoblilizier, no bending allowed. Had bleeding under kneecap. Will see new Os again when swelling hopefully goes down,hope it will.
 Enough of this crapp !! Well despite of that feeling very good. Trying getting new job right now as I want avoid retirement. Have some deals going, so we'll see.

I hope to hear more from you. Have really missed you !!

Hugs Nettan  8)