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Title: Sudden, Inexplicable Knee problems / ACL reconstruction
Post by: Gwhiz2k on June 20, 2005, 08:08:28 PM

I had a hamstring ACL reconstruction in February of '04. I had an excellent, uneventful recovery, and up until a month ago, I was walking, running, biking, and even doing a little bit of martial arts.

Then about 3 weeks ago, 2 days after my last run (2 miles on the treadmill, no pain) and a couple of weeks after my last martial arts workout, my knee started hurting while I was sitting at my desk. I stood up quickly, thinking it was a muscle cramp or something, and noticed a sharp pain in my knee. I tried to stretch it out a bit, and shortly after, the pain was gone. About an hour later, I stood up again, and noticed a slight "crunching" feeling in my knee. I started to walk to my kitchen to make dinner, and was suddenly beset with blinding pain in the knee no matter which way I moved. The knee swelled up noticably after that, and stayed that way for a few days.

I went in to the local sports clinic here, and they seemed to think my ACL graft was still solid, but nobody had any clear answers to my problem. They thought it might be a bit of loose cartilage in the knee.

This has been off and on (mostly on) for the last 3 weeks, and it's usually the same. A slight "crunching" feeling, followed by pain and swelling for days, then it's ok for a while. The pain never seems to be in the same place. It's either on the right side, left side, or in the middle (back of the knee).

Right now, it's worse than ever. Very swollen, and I can't bend past 90 degrees, or fully straighten. It's got a dull kind of ache at the moment.  Last Friday, I saw the doctor at the sports clinic again, and asked him to do the ACL test on me again. He noticed there was a bit of "play", but said that could be normal. I seem to remember the last time that test was done, there was no play, but I could be wrong. He mentioned he would try to have the surgeon call me.

I had tried to call the surgeon that did the operation earlier, but was told that I can't get in to see him until the fall, and it takes many months to get an MRI here (Manitoba, Canada). I personally feel that my knee is getting more damaged every time this happens (it's getting worse) and I need to figure out my options. I can try to look into getting the knee fixed in the states, but that would be very expensive (not covered by health care here..)

I am very despondent over this, I was doing so well, completely back to normal. Then this. There was no trauma or injury that caused this that I can see. I just happened to be sitting at my chair. The rest of the times it's flared up over the last 3 weeks were while doing normal things like walking around, showering, working, etc. 

This site was a great source of info to me when I was recovering. If anyone has any advice or any idea of what might be happening, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm concerned there won't be any knee left by the time someone gets around to trying to fix it.

Please help.
Title: Re: Sudden, Inexplicable Knee problems / ACL reconstruction
Post by: Gwhiz2k on June 25, 2005, 04:48:59 PM
Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong with me? It's getting worse week by week. I have been swollen for a solid week now. Very swollen. My range of movement is barely past 90 degrees. Getting up and down stairs is very difficult.

It's very hard in this province to get in to see a specialist. Apparently the OS that did the surgery can't even see me until September. I don't know if i'll have a knee left by then at this rate. This is why I'm looking for help here.

Please help. Someone must have experienced something similar....

Title: Re: Sudden, Inexplicable Knee problems / ACL reconstruction
Post by: Patty0513 on June 25, 2005, 04:56:34 PM
Hi Brent,
   Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your knee.  It definitely could be a loose body in the knee or a tear in the meniscus.  It sounds very similar to the symptoms I had with my meniscal tears.  When I had loose bodies, I could generally see them as they moved around my knee and eventually they would get caught in the joint and lock the knee up.  Un fortunately there isn't much you can do until you get in to see a specialist.  Is there any way to get in to see one quickly?  Good luck and take it easy!

Title: Re: Sudden, Inexplicable Knee problems / ACL reconstruction
Post by: Gwhiz2k on June 27, 2005, 08:19:37 PM
Hi Patty

Thanks for the reply :)

It's just ridiculous over here for knee surgeons. I just got a letter saying I'd been referred to my knee surgeon for a consultation, but not till September 7th. Who knows how long for a scope after that....

I'm not sure what to do short of getting a huge loan and getting the knee repaired in the states.

At the rate I'm deteriorating, I'm not sure what will be left of me by September. It's making it very difficult to do my job as well (I'm a musician).

It seemed like I did indeed have a loose body in there, but since the last doctor visit when he did the ACL test (sits on my foot with my knee bent and pulls on it) and said it had some "play", I'm very worried that the loose body might be my ACL graft.

I'm walking, but very slowly, and taking each step very carefully. I still don't have ROM beyond 90 degrees, and it's still swollen :(