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Title: I need advice about UniSpacer?
Post by: jojojoo on January 09, 2003, 01:42:56 AM
A hospital in Pittsburgh just began advertising a procedure with a new minimally invasive procedure using "UniSpacer" a small, lightweight, metallic kidney bean- shaped device that is inserted through a two-inch incision into the knee joint, located between the bones on the inside half of the knee. They say the proceduer is ideal for active patients in their forties and fifties....

Has anyone out there heard of this or had this procedure???  I am interested in any information about its sucess or failure!!!
Title: Re: I need advice about UniSpacer?
Post by: SueLB on January 13, 2003, 11:48:23 PM
You can find more information on unispacer by doing a search on this site also the manufacturer has some information at
The procedure was just recently approved. There is no long-term scientific studies on it success versus other procedures. I have seen a few negative and positive stories by people who have had it done. I just talk to my OS about the procedure. He done five of them within the last year or so. The recovery time or pace of improvement is slower than for a knee replacement. He says it seem to take awhile for the unispacer to fit into the knee. The surgery itself can be alittle tricky. You need to sculpt the area for a good fit. Otherwise, you get some grinding. The advantage of this surgery is it buy you time before a TKR and is less radical than the osteotomy procedure.