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Title: not sure what to expect
Post by: emiliel6 on May 20, 2005, 06:04:27 PM
i found out today they are going to do surgery on my knee in two weeks the surgery is to realign my left knee patella the doctor was unsure how long it would be before i could bear total weight or anything else so i dont know what to think about the situation my knee cap dislocates all the time and it rides on top of the top bone instead of between the two its been this way for about 17 years and i have had surgery before about 15 years ago and they think the surgery was done wrong if anyone has had the same surgery done i would really like to have more information on it    thank you    emilie
Title: Re: not sure what to expect
Post by: shadehawk on May 20, 2005, 11:48:08 PM

Welcome, I am not sure which procedure that you will be getting.  You can start by reading about these procedures.  You should definately call back the OS office and find out what they are planning on doing and what to expect.  You are certainly entitled to know the name of the surgery that you will be having. 

Proximal realignment procedures:

Distal realignment procedures:

There is a section called Rehab Dept - Post-Op Diary.  You will find posts in that section about the different surgeries and what other's have gone through with their recovery.

Good luck,