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Title: old injury, newish problem--
Post by: mom of 4 on May 02, 2005, 08:37:44 PM
8 years ago I cracked my patella, tore both miniscus and partly tore the acl.  Ski accident, first family ski trip ever.  OS cleaned up the joint with arthroscopy, did lots of PT.  Has been OK for 7 years.  (It has been painful occaisionally.)  About 6 months ago I started getting more frequent pain.   It also feels "unstable".  It hyperextends a bit sometimes and that is very painful.  Seems to be gradually getting worse.   It is worse in the morning or when I start moving after sitting for awhile.  It hurts alot of the time now.  The OS did not repair my ACL because I wasn't an "athelete".  I have not re-injured the knee to my knowledge.  I am 49 and walk about 4 miles every morning. Is it possible that the ACL is acting up now?  Just bits of debris in the joint?  arthritis?    I realize I need to go back to the OS.  just dreading it.  any ideas?  Thanks!
Title: Re: old injury, newish problem--
Post by: Nettan on May 03, 2005, 02:44:46 PM
Hey !!

And welcome here !! I would guess a mixed combination of everything you have written. Don't go on wait to long before seeing a doc. Maybe all you need for now can be some pt or a brace. Just a guess.But I believe though as further as possible is better then wait and guess.Let me know hos it goes.

hugs Nettan