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Title: Bone Bruise
Post by: monoxidesgirl03 on May 01, 2005, 03:59:29 AM
Hi all!

Well..........I've added to the already messed up knee!!  Got tangled up in one of my dog's leashes when taking him outside Thursday morning.......and when he took a leap off the deck I went with him....landed on the bad knee.........and started to panic when I realized what the heck had happened!  Isn't it funny that when something like that happens, it feels like it took an hour to hit the ground???  Well, went to the OS because the pain is so much worse now, and he said I've got a bad bone bruise (contusion is what he used??)  and the ligament on the inside of my knee is extremely inflammed, and he might want to send me for another MRI due to how weak my knee feels to me now.  I didn't ask him how long it can take to recover from a bone bruise.........I'm guessing it's a little worse than a skin bruise??  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance, you all are great people with a ton of knowledge!!!

Title: Re: Bone Bruise
Post by: shadehawk on May 01, 2005, 12:57:11 PM

Sorry about your fall.  Hey, bone bruises can take a long time to heal.  I fell over a year ago and the bone bruise still is present on the MRI that I just had.

MCL is the name of the ligament on the inside of your knee (medial collateral ligament).

Good luck with healing.

Title: Re: Bone Bruise
Post by: monoxidesgirl03 on May 02, 2005, 04:21:33 PM
Thanks for the reply does this hurt!!!!!  Oh well..............nothing I can do now about it.    My what a mess there.  First my doctors note didn't say the right thing, so I couldn't sit down at all............then it didn't have a date when I was to return to normal work, so I still couldn't sit I've had to work 16 hour days standing up........and that's making my good side sore lololol.  I know it's probably just muscles that aren't used to being used...........but man oh man I'm walking like an 85 year old, not a 22 year old!!  That's frustrating me.........but I've been looking for a new job for a while.  I love my job, just hate all the politics that have been tossed around there for a while now.  Anyhow............not gonna start talking about work again, or I'll get upset lolol.  Wanted to get back into softball and golf and tennis,'s slow going.  I hope hope hope hope hope that everything heals without surgery, but....................................only time will tell lol.  Talk to you all later, thanks again Shade!