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Title: Pain in weird place
Post by: allstardiva2005 on April 21, 2005, 03:00:11 PM
Hey everyone,

I've had six knee surgeries (ACL reconstruction, 2 medial meniscus repairs, 2 medial meniscectomies, and 1 exploratory scope) and am waiting for a meniscus transplant and acl revision to be performed. My surgeon won't operate until we figure out what my intense pain is coming from because even though I have so much going wrong with my knee, he doesn't believe it's an orthopedic issue. I visited my second pain management clinic (henry ford and michigan hospital). Both could confidently say that it isn't a nerve problem. They didn't know what else to suggest. I've tried hypnosis, acupuncture, talking with a psychologist-therapist, holistic therapy, physical therapy, and nothing helps aside from medication- but after about a month I get tolerant towards my Kadian and have to bump it up another 20 mg.

My pain is in the back medial side of my left knee and is such an incredibly intense throb/ache (ranges from a 7-9.5, usually around an 8 ). It feels deep, increases with activity (as in walking or standing or even sitting) but is always constant. Both the pain clinic people, my physical therapist, and surgeon believe that its a very unusual place for knee pain, much less this much pain, to be located. Is there anyway it could be a cyst or something- if it isn't "orthopedic" or nerves, what could it be?

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this kind of pain, and what it was that was found wrong. Thank you!


I've posted this in the Struggling with Rehab/Pain category too...
Title: Re: Pain in weird place
Post by: smiley196 on April 21, 2005, 03:08:31 PM
I had pain in the exact same place about a year ago. My PT wasnt sure what caused it, but she did massage on it about 3 times, then I went home and had a warm bath with epsom salts and sure enough it went away. Try metioning this to yout PT, and se if it helps...hope it does!
Title: Re: Pain in weird place
Post by: rnorton69 on April 21, 2005, 06:27:09 PM
I too have had 6 knee surguries (all on my right knee), I have 2 ACL Rec. and a couple of scopes and just this past Dec. I had a medial meniscus transplant along with ACL revision.  It is a very tough surgery to get through.  There is a lot of pain and swelling that follows for several months, along with the not weight bearing aspect of it too.  I have a very sharp pain in the back of my knee where a lot of the swelling resides.  Sometimes when it gets too swollen it really hurts, sounds kind of like the same thing.  Although I am not active right now (except for therapy) I know that pain does not like to leave, it is there constantly there.  Hopefully with time and therapy your pain will be gone as well as mine.  I don't recomend the surgery unless it is a MUST.
Title: Re: Pain in weird place
Post by: allstardiva2005 on April 21, 2005, 07:41:08 PM

My surgeon isn't sure yet if I'm having the transplant and ACL revision at the same time. Right after my exploratory scope in February, his immediate thought was to have both done together. At my appointment last Thursday, he thought to possibly do the transplant first and after like five months of rehab do the ACL revision. So I'm not sure about that.

I have to have the transplant unfortunately. I'm only 18 and have absolutely no medial meniscus with early articular cartilage damage and it's only been less than a year from my removal of all meniscus (with minimal to no activity). The revision isn't absolutely necessary, but my surgeon doesn't like how my first surgeon did the reconstruction and wants to repair it. We did a test on the ACL. 0mm means its perfect and 5mm means it definately needs surgery. I was a 2.5mm.

I'm definately nervous about having them together because I can only imagine what the pain would be like to combine an ACL revision with a transplant. Who did your surgery?

Title: Re: Pain in weird place
Post by: allstardiva2005 on April 21, 2005, 11:18:43 PM
my surgeon's office just called, and the mri didn't show any baker's cyst or anything that he doesn't already know. he wants to try a PET scan- i've never had one of those, are they any better than a bonescan, x-ray, or mri?

i can't believe i can have this much pain coming from something no one can find...