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Title: no one knows, please help
Post by: manno3 on March 02, 2005, 10:40:10 PM
Ive been having pain on the inside part (not inside) of my left knee for about 2 weeks. I play volleyball in Poland at a high level which includes weight training and practice 6 times a week. Ive recently had an MRI done but the doctors here have found nothing out of the ordinary. Ive had 2 operations on my left knee in the past (a debrisment due to tendonosis just below the patella and another surgury due to osgood shlatter, about 3 inches below the 1st surgery) the last being in 1998, so I have a pretty good idea when something is not right. Now, the pain I have on occurs only when I jump. I am able to do my normal weight training routine, which includes heavy squats and leg press, with no pain. Please if you know or have heard of similar symptoms let me know what is going on.
Title: Re: no one knows, please help
Post by: goose on March 03, 2005, 02:46:57 PM
If it's bothering you, I'd get a second opinion.  Ask for your charts and MRI results and seek other help.  MRI's are not always successful in finding something...