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Title: Please help! I cant take it anymore.
Post by: fishstock on March 02, 2005, 12:15:28 PM
I cant take the pain anymore! Intense knee pain in the upper outermost portion of my knee area (11 o'clock if you're standing in front looking at it).
It has progressively gotten worse over the last 5 years and since it has began I have gotten arthroscopy which repaired a torn meniscus, lateral release non of which helped at all, I've had acupuncture, physical therapy on numerous occassions, medications, I recently tried a steroid injection, hyalauric acid, glucosamine/choindritin, EVERYTHING! What am I missing here???? I have gone to 5 ortho's, rheumotolgists, I've gotten blood tests for Lyme and any other diseases and nothing.
Then over the last 2 years, other problems in other joints have started and they are killing me as well. I can hardly use my right thumb anymore, all my fingers hurt and are very tight especially in the morning. My elbow cracks so loud daily that you can hear it in another room.

This morning I must have slept with my knee in a bent position and whenver that happens, straightening the leg is excrutiatingly painful, I mean I see stars and generally cant get back to sleep. I cant put weight on the knee so I have favored the left leg which has gotten very big and muscular but the right like has atrophied.

I'm an otherwise healthy 39 year old male that likes to be active but I can not take another 40 yrs of this...

Title: Re: Please help! I cant take it anymore.
Post by: stgiles16 on March 02, 2005, 01:01:47 PM
Have you been tested for RA? How about fibromyalgia? It sounds like you need a dr who will really listen to you.
All I can really offer is emotional support. I wish you luck in your search. Dont give up!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Please help! I cant take it anymore.
Post by: Linds on March 02, 2005, 01:09:03 PM
I agree... you need to see a Doctor who will listen to you , maybe a few more opinions.  Although the knee and elbow could be like tendonitis pain??? I have tendonitis in my elbows and they crack pretty loud. It's usually not a big deal but sometimes if I sleep with my arm bent then straightening it is very painful.. so it might be a thought.  I imagine you have been tested for RA if you were tested for Lyme disease... but if you haven't been that might be a good idea.
do you have any family history of joint problems? Are you Hyper flexible? 

Just want you to know that we are here to listen, even if we can't help.
Title: Re: Please help! I cant take it anymore.
Post by: rozzzie on March 02, 2005, 01:57:05 PM

Like the others said you need a Dr that will listen, I think it's the hardest thing for Drs.  With all the tests they have at their disposal they often forget the most important thing - Ask the patient what's wrong. There may not be any connection between all your problems, but then I would think a Dr would have to sort them out to make such a determination.

I can relate to your problems, my knees are messed up medially, my thumbs give me fits, elbows not the best.  My family has a history of OA in knees, and hands and occasionally other joints!  I was doomed from the start.

Good luck with your quest for answers.

Title: Re: Please help! I cant take it anymore.
Post by: fishstock on March 03, 2005, 02:08:01 AM
Thanks for the support here. It helps to know people listen. I feel a little better emmotionally and phsically (Aleve seems to be the only thing I can count on consistenly). My Rheumologists says I have the beginning of OA and doesnt show up on x-ray yet (if this is the beginning...).
I guess perhaps I am struggling with acceptance around all this. Its hard cause I still look very youthful, feel very youthful and act very youthful but my body is saying "your old".

I have heard all the terms you all have stated in your posts such as Tendonitis and Arthritis type stuff.
The cracking in the elbow sounds like exactly what I have in the elbow. The knee is just murder when I put weight on it or leave it bent for a while...

What about excercise???? What can I expect from it? I mean it takes time to go to the gym and excercise not to mention the limitations and possiblyt the pain I'll have t work through...

Is it worth it? Does it help? Can it make it worse?

Thanks again,

Title: Re: Please help! I cant take it anymore.
Post by: Linds on March 03, 2005, 12:32:56 PM
If I were you, i'd consult a good physiotherapist for an exercise program. My PT has designed a program of exercises for me that strengthens what needs to been strengthened with the least amount of agravation possible.

I hear ya on the feeling old thing. I'm 24 years old and at the moment can't even work becuase of my knees. :P

Title: Re: Please help! I cant take it anymore.
Post by: fishstock on March 03, 2005, 02:04:04 PM
Yes, I (like yo uI'm sure) never bargained for these these problems. I never even considered that I would have the difficulties I'm having now...

I thought came to mind... along with an excercise program, if Aleve makes me feel better, should I just take it? I mean like every day assuming I continue to have pain daily?

I'm a recovering drug addict so the thought of taking even the most harmless pills on a daily basis to get "get by" feels wrong... but, it does make me feel better.

Any feedback on this?
Title: Re: Please help! I cant take it anymore.
Post by: shadehawk on March 03, 2005, 02:21:13 PM

I agree with what everyone else is saying - a good PT with an exercise program specifically for your particular condition can help you alot.  They also have ultrasound and acupuncture treatments for pain that will help out.
When you have knee pain you should not feel bad about taking anti-inflammatory medication to get you over the rough patches of the pain.  Don't worry about it - if it is helping you, take it.  It will help keep the swelling and pain controlled.

Good luck,  ;)