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Title: Hyalgan Injection...SO scared help me...Needlephobic
Post by: Frogfan on February 24, 2005, 05:05:40 AM

I am also scheduled for injection of hyalgan, I am freaking out b ut sin ce I had surgery in aig and ha ve NO relief from pain and hurt all the time, I m 31....They said it may be good but I am scared of how it is done, nummbed? or just given? how long is the needle and does it take long? I am sorry I am just freaking out..they have to give me valium to get me just in the room LOL...I almost would have kneee surgery again rather than this LOL...

I had an oseto bone transfer (bone graft) in Aug. I am 31...I feel pain EVERY day..Life is sucking..sometimes I feel like giving up like I will never get better or never have a good quality of life...So this was recommended...I had surgery 8-2004. I am not sure if it is normal to still have pain? I have real bad OA that is why he wants to do it....I am so scared guys....please real details :)


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Title: Re: Hyalgan Injection...SO scared help me...Needlephobic
Post by: Heather M. on February 24, 2005, 08:45:48 AM

Did you have an OATS procedure (Osteo-articular transfer system)?  That is where an autograft bone plug with cartilage on it is taken from one part of your knee and put in the damaged area.  Or, the plug can be an allograft using donor tissue.

Anyway, if that is the surgery you had about 7 months ago, I'm not sure why the pain would be such a mystery.  I mean, it takes a long, long time to recover from that procedure.  And I think that at least some of the few people on this web page who have had the OATS procedure done had to have a follow-up arthroscopy--or at least MRI--to see how things are going.  It's my understanding that there are a number of things that can impact the graft site in the first year or so, including overgrowth of scar tissue.  Some people on here have had their graft site smoothed down, scar tissue removed, or some other relatively minor 'clean-up' procedures.  Have you had this done?  What does your doctor say about the pain?  Have you been assessed for post-op atrophy of muscles and the potential mal-tracking of the kneecap that can occur in some people after a big surgery like yours? 

It would also be interesting to know how you damaged the cartilage in the first place--and how someone at age 31 would have damage bad enough for an OATS procedure.  My knee is pretty much the same, and my articular cartilage problems are due to life-long PFS (patello-femoral syndrome, or chronic muscle imbalance that led to severe mal-tracking).  Anyway, I was wondering how your cartilage got damaged in the first place.  If you've had chronic knee issues leading to this damage, what other procedure was done to realign your kneecap?  Did it do the job correctly?

I know--there are a lot of questions.  But in order to point you to the right resources, we need a bit more in the way of information and background on your knee.  In my case, I had severe damage discovered at age 31 when I had a scope for a torn meniscus.  The damage rapidly progressed in the two years following as I had a lot of complications--scar tissue, infection, and patella baja.  So I had a very aggressive procedure two years ago to remove the scar tissue and help me rehab effectively so I could get back the proper mechanics of my knee.  My OS refused to do cartilage restoration until I had better knee mechanics--otherwise, he said I would be throwing away money.  So now I'm hoping things are improved enough to take on the cartilage defects.  I know that I may need to have another surgery (or two) after that to remove scar tissue, which my body produces like crazy.

Anyway, just wanted to clarify your information so we can point you in the right direction.

Title: Re: Hyalgan Injection...SO scared help me...Needlephobic
Post by: fuffy on February 24, 2005, 09:17:55 AM
Hi Sheri
I am new to the site and to the whole knee thing, but it seems to me that you are more worried about the needle than you are about the end result. You have been in pain for a long time - you poor, poor thing - but surely if this injection is going to help with the pain it is a good thing? Right?
Is it the needle itself you are worried about or is it, as with my daughter, the concept of it going int your flesh and the fact that it might hurt? You could ask them to do what they do for children : They put a creme on the injection site before to make the area numb so you don't feel the needle. Wish they had done that for me when they did my scope! My daughter says it is really good stuff!!!
The other thing that helps my daughter is actually watching, rather than not watching. She finds that the scientific bit of her 15-year-old brain takes over if she looks, rather than her imagination. Imagination is sooo much worse than the real thing.
Also talk to the docs about it. They do this kind of thing every day and they deal with needlephobic people every day. Maybe they can help you to deal with it...
There's also something to be said for the good old fashioned technique of holding someone's hand. I'm sure you can ask for your mummy/husband/partner to be with you. Like when you have a baby...
Try to be positive about it all.
I hope some of this is helpful! GOOD LUCK1
Title: Re: Hyalgan Injection...SO scared help me...Needlephobic
Post by: Frogfan on February 24, 2005, 08:01:30 PM

Well I have talen 3 xanax to calm me down....I am going at 4:20 amd am in tears....The whole thing about needles scare me the fact it goes in the joint etc SUCKS! They think I am a baby but I am realllly a scardey cat and have big phobas my whole life on this..I guess I have no choice, i am gonna do it....If I have a heart acttack LOL it was nice know you all :)

I hurt myself when I fell at work and hit my knee. I already had an osteochondral defect but if I have not fallen I would not have had issue....This aggravated it and then I had the OATS. No one told me how long I would have to be in agoncy or what else I could do.. I am gonna print the above posts and bring them with me today to my OS.

Thanks fpr the support....I know I will live but I have 3 job interviews tomorrow...I was released back to wrk even though I feel it was not right as some days I cannot even get out of bed.....

any pain meds woroking?? I am on Indocin for arthritis, vicadan es UGH) yuk for pain...I was on percpcet for a bit which was better...

hugs and love to you all

Title: Re: Hyalgan Injection...SO scared help me...Needlephobic
Post by: Frogfan on February 24, 2005, 08:03:55 PM
Heather you and I are in same position..I am bringing this to my dr to see if he can asnwer any questions....


someone think of me through this...maybe my only option after this is partial knee replace?
Title: Re: Hyalgan Injection...SO scared help me...Needlephobic
Post by: Frogfan on February 27, 2005, 04:20:40 PM
I had the 1st injection, he froze with a spray then gave me it, seemed like forever but it was quick..I did not cry, well I was on 4.0 of Xanax to even get in there but I was still scared...I felt great the next 2 days then now I am hurting again..I tinbk it must have been the initital liquid filling into my kneee givng me relief but now I still need a 3-4 more to have full results. I think even thought I hATE injections this may work..I hope so....if not my only other option I think is partial replacement but who is to say I won't get OA arthritis in that either..UGH!!!

Well so far from my 1st even though I did not LIKE it, I think it gave me relief I did niot take pain meds for like 3 days my next shot is next week....I will post more a soon as the next rounf of valium wears off before I go again LOL :))))
Title: Re: Hyalgan Injection...SO scared help me...Needlephobic
Post by: ranger on February 27, 2005, 09:37:47 PM
Well done for getting through the first one. Rationally, compared to the pain you're already going through, the pain of a shot should be minimal- but rationality has nothing to do with it when it's an unknown and frightening procedure. I hope this makes you a lot more comfortable.

best wishes

Title: Re: Hyalgan Injection...SO scared help me...Needlephobic
Post by: marilyn on February 28, 2005, 12:57:06 AM
Dib't worry. It is over in a flash. I have had 15 injections in each knee. Where I went they had about 8 beds in a row with patients talking back andforth. They paint your knees with iodine, is cold. Then the doctor comes and talks to you, his helpers squirt cold ice water on your knee and as he is talking to you....zap it is over. It does sting. Then they wash off your knee, give you a small band-aid and after you sit for a minute you are free to go. I was a little shakey some visits afterward but think that was just the mental stress. Please do not be afraid. Marilyn
Title: Re: Hyalgan Injection...SO scared help me...Needlephobic
Post by: fuffy on February 28, 2005, 06:25:01 PM
 ;D Well done, Sheri. You dod it! The first will be the hardest, it's easier every time after!!!
Proud of you Kid!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :-*