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Title: skating injury
Post by: khankins on February 21, 2005, 02:03:27 PM
Hi all!

I'm 41, an adult figure skater. I fell while practicing 2.5 weeks ago, and took a very hard impact on my left knee.  Of course I iced it and rested the next day.
It was very sore for about a week, especially along the left side of the joint. It feels 80% better, but the patella is still tender to touch (wearing a knee brace actually hurts). My mobility is fine; I am still skating, although I avoid doing really deep knee bends like lunges. In the gym, I have been avoiding the stationary cycles I normally use to warm up, and I have also laid off the quad extension machine.

I am skating in a competition in 2 weeks and want to keep in shape without aggravating the injury. Any suggestions?


Title: Re: skating injury
Post by: shadehawk on February 21, 2005, 03:32:44 PM

Hi, sounds like you are doing all the right things maybe try elevating the legs when at rest, as well as the icing - that sometimes helps out a lot.  Have you seen your doctor at all?  You should really have any impact injury checked out by a doctor and then if they feel unsure they will refer you on to an Orthopedic Surgeon for assessment.  Your doctor might have ideas that might help you recover faster.

Sometimes these impact injuries come back to haunt you later on - so it is best to get it checked out and then you'll know if there is anything to worry about or not.

Good luck in your upcoming competition.

Shade  ;)
Title: Re: skating injury
Post by: khankins on February 22, 2005, 04:00:35 PM
Thank you! I am trying to refrain from skating too much. I guess rest is best!