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Title: carticel cartilage replacement
Post by: neil on December 14, 2002, 08:08:02 AM
 my os has told me i will need to have the cartilage i lost in my accident replaced.  he discussed trying cartilage from a cadaver or going with carticel. carticel is lab grown from a piece of my cartilage.  he will go with one of these unless it is decided to do tkr.  time will tell since the damage i inflicted went so deep there is alot of unknown factors of condition inside. has anyone had any cartilage ( meniscus ) replaced? i have less then 10% of mine in my knee and have tried finding out what has highest success rate. to grow carticel, my os has told me it will cost roughly $40,000 just to grow it. thank god for insurance and the fact that i have a say in which procedure to go with.  my os wants to hold off on tkr, since life span at best is 20 years. thanks