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Title: Help!! MRI inconclusive....
Post by: lilrosie06 on January 24, 2005, 09:33:15 PM
 :-/ Hey guys. Im new here. I hurt my knee at work three weeks ago, coming down a ladder. I felt a sharp pain through it. I had no real knee problems prior to that, although i did have some discomfort when kneeling, or trying to stand up from a squatting position. Anyways, Its been three weeks now since I hurt it. I had an MRI which, other than some arthritis, showed no tears, which is good. The problem is, it feels like there is something under my kneecap moving in there. When I bend my knee, it catches, and feels like something is moving. Also, when I lay on my side, I feel a clicking and a pain that radiates into my kneecap, with, once again, that moving feeling. It hurts to do stairs, to go from standing to sitting, and I have tingling in my toes. The ortho has prescribed therapy for 3 weeks, and if it isnt any better, than will do a scope. Can anyone help me figure out what might be wrong? I am scared. Shouldnt the MRI have shown something? Any comments or info would be appreciated...Thanks so much....
Title: Re: Help!! MRI inconclusive....
Post by: Teresa_S on January 24, 2005, 10:10:07 PM
Hi, unfortunately MRIs do  not always show everything that is going on inside the knee. I had two that were read as an almost normal knee, and the report said no arthritis, etc. BUT  I had had severe OA for over 8 years, and needed a tkr that long. IN addition, my pcl had been torn into shreds, and I had a femoral condyle fracture, and a medial and lateral meniscus tears that were not read by the radiologist on the mri report. Hang in there, maybe the OS will look at the MRI itself and see what he is looking for that the radiologist did not see. ( I wasn't sure that he or the radiologist read the MRI). Mine were found on the scope. Good luck, hang in there, Teresa
Title: Re: Help!! MRI inconclusive....
Post by: brattkids2 on January 24, 2005, 11:09:00 PM
MRI"S miss a whole lot!!

I had two that missed a loose joint body the size of an American 50 cent piece. So if you keep getting that feeling of something in there and catching dont be afraid to let your doctor know!! Only you know your body and if it doesnt feel right it usually isnt.

Best of luck to you
Title: Re: Help!! MRI inconclusive....
Post by: Cid on January 24, 2005, 11:22:45 PM
I agree with all.  My recent MRI didn't show a tendon and meniscus tear.  As my Othro said the MRI is only as good as the tech, equipment and Radioligist reading it.  They can be a good tool or just a waste of time and money.  You know your body so don't hesitate to tell your Dr. and let him check it out if you don't get better after PT.  Good Luck

Cid :)
Title: Re: Help!! MRI inconclusive....
Post by: lilrosie06 on January 25, 2005, 05:18:21 AM MRI's dont always show everything, huh? Something is definitely wrong in my knee. My ortho read the MRI himself, and although he thought it looked ok, said if therapy doesnt help, he will have to scope it. How are they able to see whats going on when you are bending your knee, when it is lying perfectly straight throughout the whole MRI? I know I am rambling. Sorry. I was just really hoping to go there today and get some answers. Now I have to go through 3 weeks of therapy trying to describe to them what I am feeling. It is sooo frustrating. As I sit here typing, every time I bend my knee it feels so something is moving. And it hurts. Not excruciating pain, but it hurts. I also feel this when doing stairs. Thanks so much for all your input. At least I know there could be light at the end of the tunnel.... :-/
Title: Re: Help!! MRI inconclusive....
Post by: stgiles16 on January 25, 2005, 02:29:50 PM
My MRI showed a torn meniscus,,,,,, a radiologist and three OSs read the same thing but upone surgery,,,, guess what? nope, that was not the problem. I know that MRIs can be helpful but in my case they were useless. Good LUck and do tell your OS and PT how you feel.
Good luck
Title: Re: Help!! MRI inconclusive....
Post by: just_jill on January 26, 2005, 02:03:50 AM
Check out the book, "what your Doctor May Not Tell You About Knee Pain and Surgery" by Dr. Ronald Grelsamer.    Very enlightening reading!!  He notes that MRI's can be very misleading.  

His website is  As you read thread on this board, you'll find that his website is reference alot!

Best wishes and hope you get the answers and treatment needed to help you heal!

Title: Re: Help!! MRI inconclusive....
Post by: diceman on February 01, 2005, 07:35:42 PM
I had the same result.  My MRI also came back as inconclusive.  I gave physical therapy a shot for about 5 weeks.  It definitely made my legs stronger but did not help the pain.  In my case I went ahead and had the arthroscopy so the doctor could get a look inside.  He found the meniscus tear and repaired it.
Meniscus tears are the most difficult to spot on an MRI and that may be your problem. I had similar pain in the squatting position.  But go ahead and do all the physical therapy it cant hurt.
Title: Re: Help!! MRI inconclusive....
Post by: Katie2 on April 16, 2007, 01:01:24 PM
Hi Donna Read your Pm can't reply yet I haven't done enough posts. If you send me your email address by Pm I will reply via that.

Title: Re: Help!! MRI inconclusive....
Post by: VanillaBeanGonzo on May 10, 2007, 12:17:01 AM
I am having an MRI on Sunday for pain after falling on my knee. What is one suppose to do if the doctor says the MRI looks
fine but yet I am still in pain?? I dont want to live pain meds.