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Title: Hurt knees + hurt back = bad combination
Post by: ChrisAngel on January 14, 2005, 08:48:38 PM
Didn't know exactly where to put this, so posted this in this general section.

Today I found this one topic, where ppl told about their other injuries, often CAUSED by hurt knees. Like many of you have hurt their shoulders and backs, while having the achey knees all the time. It broke my heart to read of all the difficulties people have with hurt shoulders AND knees. My deepest sympathies!

My case would be hurt back AND the knees. My back alone sometimes becomes achey, but also whenever I have to use crutches for longer periods of time. Especially when I use only one, I'm not walking straight, but with my back twisted to the other side. Also limping around the house in strange positions, most often with back twisted causes that.

What I have sometimes in my back, is LUMBAGO (=lower back pain). The suddendly out-of-nowhere-striking sharp pain in my lower back. I can manage that, if my back is the only place hurting, but at the same time with knees, it's pretty much unbearable.

(Fun sidenote: Finnish word for lumbago is "noidannuoli", which actually comes from a story, where a witch [noita] shoots an arrow [nuoli] into someone's back, therefore  causing the suddenly striking sharp pain. I think the name is quite well-describing  ;) )

Info for lumbago:

As we know, lumbago can be eased with light exercise (not talking about more seviere kind of pain in here, like due to accidents) like walking, but with hurt knees that is not so easy to do. Like when back likes the walking, hurt knees does NOT like it!!  OW! :o :o

My doctor just shaked his head when I told him about the backpain at my appointment today. His comment was somewhat like this: "Well, there you've got one really bad combination!" Knees and back must both be exercised, but how to do it without hurting the other?

Now I'm doing some exercises lying on my back or my side. Standing I cannot do anything, cause very soon the knees become irritated. Some walking can be done, but not much. Because of those damn knees!!

The topic I mentioned in the beginning, really made me think. There is 3 real bad places to injure: knees, back, shoulders. My knees and back are bad, but my shoulders are just fine. One thing to be thankful for. I'm so so so sorry for those of you who along all the knee issues also have seviere shoulder injuries and damages. My dad has big injuries in his other shoulder, which has bothered him for years. So I have whitnessed how painful that can be.

Why life has to be so very unfair. Just if knees were not enough, then there has to be OTHER things bothering us as well!

I really thank god I found this website - otherwise I would probably be in some mental institution by now! See, in real life I have no one who knows EXACTLY what kneepain and chronic pain in general is. People here know it. Every single member knows what pain is. This is the sanctuary and haven for all poor people in pain.

Sorry the blabbery, just having one of these moments of great gratitude towards the existence of this forum... ;)
Title: Re: Hurt knees + hurt back = bad combination
Post by: Nettan on January 14, 2005, 08:58:33 PM
Hey !!

Yeah really know this !! Got severe backpain when lifting my 2 years old son indoors standing on one leg, one knee was injured already. The most funny in it was that my OS called back to me about an half hour after this happened to report my Mri on my knee. I couldn't move at all so I had to go to hospital and stayed there for 3 weeks. They had to help me with all from eating, clothing,shower,toiletvisits. I also developed severe ischias whcih made it worse. Guess that I felt so helpless. Nowadays I have a spinalinjury but that's another history. Agree this site is awesome. Thanks for sharing your history with us.
When you have one bodypart injured you really need the other ones.
Take care !!

Hugs nettan  ::)
Title: Re: Hurt knees + hurt back = bad combination
Post by: ChrisAngel on January 17, 2005, 06:18:04 PM

When you have one bodypart injured you really need the other ones.

Thanks, Nettan!  :) I couldn't really agree with you more - one injured bodypart really can be more than enough. So sorry to hear u're having such bad problems with ur back as well   :(

I wish u all the best!  :D

Hugs back,
Title: Re: Hurt knees + hurt back = bad combination
Post by: imnotpunk on January 18, 2005, 02:24:47 AM
Chris -

Ugh, I hear ya! I have back problems as well, but mine come from my ex-PT who literally TORTURED me for a year until I finally realized what she was doing was wrong and very unprofessional. Because of her aggressive stretching (it got to the point that I'd scream, hysterically cry, and BEG for her to stop yet she'd just push harder...I was strapped down to the table too, mind you), I managed to get a herniated disk, degenerative disk disease, and two disks that are practically fused together! I didn't even know a person my age (I'm only 19...20 in Feb) could even have problems like that!

There are some days when I just don't want to get out of bed because my lower back hurts so bad. It doesn't help that my knee is already badly messed up as it is too, so it's just a lose-lose situation.

It really stinks, doesn't it? I agree with Nettan -- when one thing is injured, you need to be able to compensate with your other bodyparts and joints, so it just is 10x worse when your OTHER bodyparts are injured as well! It's definitely a tricky situation!  ::)

You're right, this site rocks. I'm so happy I found it, I've been able to find out so much information, answers to my questions, and have been able to meet so many great people. I consider this place a second home to me these days, whenever I'm feeling down I just log on to kneegeeks and more often than not everyone can make me feel so much better!

Thanks for sharing your story and I'm so sorry you have to deal with so much pain. But hey, if there's any positive spin we can put on this, it's that pain makes you stronger, even wiser. When you have to deal with adversity, your strengths come out and shine. When suffering, you have two options -- give in or overcome it. I think it's safe to say that everyone on kneegeeks are all strong, wise people. At least it's something, eh?  ;)

Anyways, I truly hope you feel better and best of luck with you and your recovery. Feel free to vent anytime! If nothing else, we're all great listeners here! :)

Best wishes,