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Title: Lumps of muscles?!
Post by: Gab on December 22, 2004, 05:12:53 PM
Hi, I was wondering if anyone ever experienced over-tightening of the muscles to the point where they become a big lump??!

I know it's a weird question but there is a big lump over my outer quads (VLO), close to the knee itself. It will move from side to the other if I try to press it down with my fingers. It has always felt 'weird' on the leg press or just going down stairs/running etc and last night I decided to massage it to try to break it. There seems to be a lot of work to do so I'm thinking about getting a professional massage over the Holidays to try to 'break' it.

Anyway, I was just curious if anyone else ever experienced this.

Title: Re: Lumps of muscles?!
Post by: MHB on December 23, 2004, 03:31:14 AM

I didn't have ACL repair, just ORIF for a fractured patella. When I got out of the immobilizer after 5 wks, plenty of adhesions, most of which gave way quickly.

However, when I started doing the ROM stuff, I noticed what I thought must be scar tissue, lateral side, toward to top of the knee cap, in the VL/lat retic area. It was a rather hard disc about the size of a 50-cent piece. PT told me it was "part of the femur," but it wasn't.

At 7 wks, had some maltracking issues that were solved when bridging exercises started. This one asked for muscle in a different way, and doing it pulled like crazy for two days. Third day, bingo, most of it "broke up" -- end of maltracking, thank goodness.

However, I still have a partial adhesion there, which currently interferes with nothing functional at all and doesn't hurt either, but I can "feel" it -- just a bit sticky sometimes, enough to make me notice, which the other knee never does.

Could your lump be an adhesion? If so, and if you haven't tried the bridging, you might want to try it -- as mentioned, for me, it seemed to call on the muscles in a different way.

Also had some inconsequential but lingering adhesions on the lower lateral side too, just at and below the joint line. The Rolfer I visited showed me how to stretch the psoas muscle (purpose was to "lengthen the leg"). The stretch did lengthen the leg, also relieved lower back discomfort, and the very first time I did the stretch in her office, gravity broke up those lower lateral adhesions -- I could feel the pull and then the relief -- wasn't painful, just a small discomfort, but ever after, that part of the knee wasn't "sticky" anymore.

Now one more sticky place remains that I'd like to get at -- medial side, barely below the joint line. So far, haven't stumbled on a way to say hello to it.

Good luck -- MHB

Title: Re: Lumps of muscles?!
Post by: Teresa_S on December 23, 2004, 04:27:19 AM
Gab.I believe I know just what you are describing. About three weeks ago ( 5 weeks post op from having the quad cut, scar removed and resewn) I noticed a "lump" in mine almost exactly in the middle of the knee and above it. IT felt like a circular lump of hard muscle. I worked and worked on it , massaging it over and over, and showed it to my PT who also felt it. I just kept at the rubbing it, AND OVER  a two or three day period it went away, to come back about a week later, is now gone again and has not reappeared. THE therapist told me my quad has shortened and become so inflammed, tendonnitis, etc, that he was not surprised, but it would take, you guessed it, time.Later Teresa