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Title: 8 year old ACL tear
Post by: tigermom on December 22, 2004, 07:53:39 AM
We have recently been informed that our 8 year old son has an ACL tear.  It happened in Youth football of course, and we are all very down about it.  Sports is a huge part of his life.  (he is only 1 belt away from a black in karate! and now cannot finish)  The ortho we see is a well trusted physician in our city and he says he would not do surgery due to the possibility of damage to the growth plate.  So, we did the PT and got a specially fitted brace for him and are now doing PT at home 3 times a day along with brace wear during ANY activity.  His muscles around the knee are becoming stronger, but it  is so difficult for him wearing the brace.  We just want to know all of our options, the best doctors and if anyone else out there has any suggestions based on personal experience?  (other than what we are already doing?)  Happy Holidays
Title: Re: 8 year old ACL tear
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Title: Re: 8 year old ACL tear
Post by: dm on December 23, 2004, 03:43:32 AM
Your son may still be able to do his martial arts routines so long as he doesn't do any kicking of targets, etc with that leg. Kicking to the air only may be okay. You'd need to ask his doctor of course. If he can train, in a reduced way, he can at least keep his skills up. There are a lot of kids and adults with disabilities in martial arts. His instructors may be able to make allowances for what his OS says he cannot do - such as kicking targets/people/board breaks with that leg. It can't hurt to ask, can it? It might make your son feel a bit better about the situation if some accomodations by the instructor, and consent of the OS, will let him keep practicing his martial arts, even if football is out of the question.
Title: Re: 8 year old ACL tear
Post by: tigermom on December 23, 2004, 05:03:47 AM
Thanks for your ideas.  But keeping an 8 year old in a Karate school with limitations is difficult.  We tried to an extent but the OS is afraid right now of additional damages that could be irrepairable due to his age and openness of his growth plate.  We are taking a 6 month break with some extensive PT to try and build the muscles around the knee.  Time will tell.  At this point he even has to wear his brace when playing outside with friends!  I take it you are in karate?  
Title: Re: 8 year old ACL tear
Post by: chris941 on December 23, 2004, 05:23:17 AM
I tore my ACL at age 9 while doing karate. I wasn't quite a black belt but you get the picture. Karate is a very demanding sport, especially on your knees. I also did not have surgery because of the possibility of tampering with my growth plate. So i had a brace did physical therapy and got on with my life. Then about 2 years ago, i tore my ACL again while playing football in 8th grade. Very painful and not fun at all. The swelling is probably the worst part, but again, i was too young to have surgery because of my growth plate. Well, i did physical therapy, started to play water polo, which really helps the knees! and one again got on with my life. And then it happened, about 6 weeks ago, while wrestling, my other knee (not the one with the torn ACL) dislocated and when it popped back in place, it broke the knee cap (patella). Still! no surgery!!  but i have to trust my doctor, he is one of the best in the country, and I know he is pointing me in the right direction. With a lot of persaverance and strength, if your son gets his knee in shape, and make sure he has good balance and enough muscle to keep him stable. Sometimes kids say things just to be able to go out and play and have more fun, knowing he is not fully ready to, whether this is the case or not, always keep the knee brace on him for a long time ever after rehab, make him do stretches and test his quads by doing excersizes, in front of you! don't let him just tell you because he might not understand the consequences of not doing them! Physical therapy is key! after i first tore my ACL, i did not work out as much as i shouuld have and i know now that that was definately not the right choice. Just make sure you know that he is comfortable with his knee before you go do karate. It's so much better to take it slow, because with karate, you bend it and twist it so much, and it's honestly not good when you tear something at such a young age. You really wanna know that it's safe because i'm sure you were just as worried and scared as he was, being his mother, when it happened. Good luck to you and him and I hope he does have a speedy recovery.