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Title: Mobilising after patellar fracture
Post by: Rhonda on November 26, 2002, 09:45:45 PM
OK.. so I'm not exactly a track star (but that's OK, since I never was one of those ;)).  BUT... after a little more than a month of running attempts (more like extra heavy limping - the sound of the good foot coming down sounded like an earthquake) on the treadmill at my PT's gym, I have hit a milestone!

Last Monday, I completed a whole mile.  Took 11 minutes.  Last Friday, did it in 10:30, and yesterday, did it in 9:50!  Bascially, I dont' want to set myself back (did that once already), so I'm not going to try to up that distance for the time being.  At this point, I'm just going to try to stick to one mile, but try to improve speed and gait.  I don't feel like I'm limping anymore when I run.    I'm sure I am- the PT people usually tell you that when they watch you.   But the fact that it's no longer obvious to me personally means I must be limping a lot less.
A few months ago, I could barely walk, so this is huge!  So with hard work, it is possible to come back!  Maybe not 100%, but I'm hoping for the 95%-99% range...  Still have a ways to go, but this makes it seem more real that I will get there someday!  I don't know if I'll run road races again, but if I can run well enough to play team sports (hence the concentration on speed, not distance), I'll be ecstatic!


Title: Re: Patella Fx update- 7.5 months postop- Ran a MI
Post by: Pat_A.E. on November 27, 2002, 12:46:10 AM
It is really good to read a success story.  I get pretty discouraged when I read about setbacks and lack of progress.  I'd like to think I'll be posting the good stuff.  Visited the OS yesterday for the 6 wk postop.  He said the underside of the patella is really smooth and the factures are healing.  He is confident of a good recovery.  Does not want any aggressive pt, just strenght training with ankle weight and ROM exercises.  He maybe a bit conservative, but I'm not willing to risk pushing too hard and having a set back.  Hearing other's progress gives me an idea of what to expect when.  I would really like to start driving again, but it is my right knee and I'm still in an imobilizer except when sitting at my office desk or sitting at home.
Keep up the good work and keep us posted.  My immediate goal is to make a full rotation on the stationary bike!
Title: Re: Patella Fx update- 7.5 months postop- Ran a MI
Post by: Ross on November 27, 2002, 02:02:21 PM
Rhonda, well done!  Congratulations are definitely in order when you make a comeback like yours.  Could I suggest you might try to go easier on the trees in future though?

The way you're going you may get a couple of runs in before the end of the Winter!

God bless, BIG hug! ;)

Title: Re: Patella Fx update- 7.5 months postop- Ran a MI
Post by: Rhonda on November 27, 2002, 03:29:35 PM
Pat: Sounds like your doc has the same mentailty as mine.  Conservative till the bone heals. You dont' want to risk it coming apart and starting over, esp since it sounds like you got a good fix!  I was a slow starter- did not start PT till 5 weeks postop.  Could not do straight leg raises for over 2 months.  ROM came slow but steady.  Got more  aggressive at the 3 month mark, when the bone had healed.  BUt it certainly sounds like you are on the right track!
As far as driving, you may wan tto hold off on using your right foot.  But I have heard that there is some "left foot pedal" attachment you can put in your car to use yoru left foot.  I've seen it mentioned on this board, alhtogh it was a while back.  Try posting in one of the more popular forums about it (Like "Know each other ... " or "struggling with rehab...").  Since those topics get more traffic, hopefully, you'll get someone who knows where to find a left foot pedal.

Ross: Duly noted about the tree. I'll try to refrain.   I may try some easy skiing in Feb.  No black diamonds this year, but hopefully I can manage a few crusiers.  Good thing my uninjured leg is my stronger "stopping" leg!

Wow!  Holiday season is starting!  ;D