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Post by: anasta5ia on December 15, 2004, 10:43:11 PM
Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: rozzzie on December 16, 2004, 03:44:46 PM

You poor thing!  With all your problems, what you don't need is the Dr's to treat you like your some sort of fool.
Sounds like they have a 'god' complex and believe they know it all and we shoud be happy they make a pronouncment about oue contition. ???

With all your problems you do not need all this hassle with dr's.

Hears wishing you good joint days so you can start school and have a good quality of life.

I will pry for you and I'm sending MANY HUGs your way. :D

Keep your chin up we're all rooting for you. :D

Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: brattkids2 on December 16, 2004, 03:55:21 PM
Wow Im sorry to hear of all the trouble you are having now.

As for as Dr K. I would get that second opinion if you could. I would run at the chance to get his referral to someone else. This ankle of yours seems to be causing you lots of problems and you dont want to get your shoulder fixed to just have it injured again because some dummy doctor said "he needs proof".

Best of luck to you and keep us posted. I hope you get some relief soon!!!!

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Post by: Ron22 on December 16, 2004, 07:15:34 PM
oh man..heather i'm sorry..know how u feel..sometimes u just want to let loose with a robert plant like scream and hit something...pls let me know how u are for me i had a great trip to the uk..altho had to stand for both flights....just can't hack coach..british airways crew were nice enuff to let me stand in their area and sit when i needed to in the crew seats...hang in there...

big hugs

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Post by: Nettan on December 16, 2004, 07:58:46 PM
Hey Heather !!

Don't feel any guilt at all over venting here. You have so many tough things going on around you and even if you have that you always come here and help us always so positive. You inspire me Heather !! The thing with psychologhist can be very good for you. How strong you even are you need to let it out sometimes. I hope that you soon get some relief and help.
Thinking of you !!! HUGS !!!!!!

nettan  ::)
Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: imnotpunk on December 16, 2004, 11:25:50 PM
Wow Heather, I'm so sorry to hear about your plight. I wish there was something I could say or do to make things better for you, because believe me I know what it's like to just want to pull the sheets over your head and hide away from the world forever. UGH, why were some of us blessed with so much pain and so many problems? Maybe it's because we are the strong ones -- pain and suffering inevitably makes you stronger and wiser. Sometimes I think I'd rather be dumb and weak if I didn't have to suffer through all of this pain! :P

I really hope things get better for you and you can find some sort of relief. I'll be praying for you, no doubt.

You're in my thoughts.

Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: Ron22 on December 16, 2004, 11:32:29 PM
heather....i have said some prayers for u and am lighting a candle..sending u very good vibes and monster hugs...pattie said it all and i can just say ditto...pls let me know how u are when u feel up to it...

take care and god bless


Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: Heather M. on December 17, 2004, 12:02:37 AM
Heather!  The curse of the Heathers strikes again, huh?  You and Heather K. both are going to be our test pilots for the protective bubble outfit that someone will invent someday to keep those of us with Gumby joints from hurting ourselves walking across the sidewalk....

I know it's hard, and I know how desperate you are to get your life back, but is it possible you are doing too much?  Every time you go to school or any of the other activities of daily living, one of your joints betrays you.  Until you don't have a leg left to stand on--at least not one that you can trust.  Is there any way to take a leave of absence from work/school (after all, we know that school is more taxing than a full time job, especially for smart people who have goals like yours and want to get this OVER WITH to get on to their next phase of life....).  Anyway, I don't know how you do it.  I finally had to take a leave from my work (home-based, but I was killing myself and not producing quality work because I was in so much pain).  I just had to take a break while we either look at a new PM protocol or take the next step and do a salvage surgery--or both.  Once I'd made the decision, and missed my deadline and stopped trying to make it, it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.  I was relieved, and with the stress off me I have been able to do more PT work and research to find a doctor who can potentially help me.

Just a thought.  The holiday season is so busy and stressful anyway--lots of fun, but stressful.  And public transportation is so very unkind to anyone with mobility issues.  I couldn't step off a bus step to the ground if my life depended on it.  I have no idea how you are doing this long commute, full schedule, keeping a house and marriage and all that fun stuff.  Your pain levels and ability to heal have got to be really bad right now.  I don't really even know how you are upright, to tell the truth!


PS I have a torn labrum and rotator cuff as well, with hyper-mobility.  It makes me very concerned about being on crutches--I just can't be NWB and stable on crutches because of the shoulder.  And even post-op pain meds don't seem to quiet the deep shoulder throbbing that I get when I'm forced to be NWB on crutches.  Last time I just got a wheelchair--seemed easier.
Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: Nettan on December 21, 2004, 05:00:31 PM
Dear Heather,

it hurts me so to see you struggle and suffer like this. You really should need someone who is the spider in the net making the contacts between your docs,phys and other persons who try help you out. I understand that it takes a lot from your strength to wait and wait and phone and phone and write and write. Have been there myself when I wondered if I ever should get out from hospital and if I ever should have a life again.
Here I am today, ok I use wheelchair 100 %, need morphine though I have still severe pain and I also need personal assitents cause I can't manage myself.
but I'm mostly managing finally without docs and hospital. So my life isn't that bad today. You are still where I was some years ago in the middle of the circus which care are. You say you have long way to travel, if you have difficulties in walking, have you tried through community or organizations if you can get help and travel in a easier way ? Are there any organization you can join where you life who help people with your problems, where you can meet others in your situation to get support,ideas and help from ?
Sometimes when you get so feed up with things as I believe you are you need this around you to manage. I don't mean people to sit and feel sorry together with, someone who has been out there before you going on with same issues and have ideas how you can get right help. Think of it at least please.
Sending you hugs and a hope of a better future !!

Hugs nettan  ::)
Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: Nettan on December 29, 2004, 03:20:06 PM
Hey Heather !!

I'm not amazed at all that you have gone through all this and that the report tells you other things then the doc did. I have been there myself several times and in the end the only one you really can trust and relay on is yourself. So just want to say how sorry I am about it.
It's so wrong when people like you and me do all we can to get better and then have no docs to trust.
Ohhhh...just want to SCREAM !!! Wish so much that I've tried more then I did to become an ortopeadic surgeon.
Why these docs don't tell the truth is also something we can wonder about, cause when they get patients like us who really trying to find the answers and a solution, in the end they really must understand that their lies comes up to the surface.
I'm glad though that you don't give up. My process against all who has treating me bad hasn't started yet, but believe me when the right day comes and I will start the process they really will regret why they lied and hid things for me.
The dark side of care is so huge that I believe that something must be done soon so people don't suffer more then necessery.
Take care of you Heather and please keep me informed who things goes.

Hugs Nettan  ::)
Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: rozzzie on December 30, 2004, 04:32:32 AM

I would like to say that I'm shocked by the way you were treated, but, I believe it's too common, it has happned to so many on this board! ??? :-/

Your'e starting the process right.  Keep a journal, it may come in handy; include your thoughts, pain levels, emotional distress etc.  It may come in very handy, if there is any litigation etc.

I kept one from when I was in the hospital after I got hit by a car, my lawyer said that it was an excelent idea. ???

I don't want money I want my life back!!! :o   I'm recovering pretty well from the accident, now I've got to deal with the pesky knees.

Hang in there, and keep us posted, we care, and are praying for you.  Hopping you can find an OS that can HELP you.

Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: imnotpunk on December 30, 2004, 08:14:31 AM
Wow Heather, I'm really sorry to hear about that. I know what it's like not to be told what's going on -- I went for months on a badly damaged knee and my doctor never told me. Now I'm faced with a lifetime of problems thanks to that guy. What a jerk...

Anyways, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm really rooting for ya!

Best wishes,
Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: Teresa_S on December 30, 2004, 09:43:40 PM
Heather, I know that feeling, when the physcian does not tell you what the radiologist interrupted the films to be, but when I confronted mine about the diagnosis on the films, and I had actually looked at the mri with the radiologist as he looked for the signs that would explain my symptoms, when I went to the OS he says"there was nothing on the mri" when I asked about the things I had talked over with the radiologist, (plus the radiologist gives you a report typed as you leave) and brought out my copy the OS said. OH< I called him and explained that what he thought he saw wasn't really what he thought it was. DUHHHHHHHHHH He went on to say that part of what the radiologist interrupted as diagnostic was actually caused by his surgical technique . He went on to say that different docs interrupt things differently, and some things are inconsequential. MAYBE TO THEM< but what about us, who are suffering the consequences? Anyway that is one way they get themselves out of telling us what the report says. I did get a new copy of my MRI and as a post script, it states something to the effect that the physcian reported ........... but he let his original findings stand. Teresa
Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: Nettan on January 06, 2005, 02:36:06 PM
Hey Heather !!

Finally good news !! Yeahhhh !!
I'm so happy for you. You have found a doc who cares and listen to you. I hope you will get good news on your shoulder/knee too. Must be hard on you to struggle on like this, but once thing's for sure you are a real tough fighter !!
So you're down to the chemistry lab, what fun !
When I were going the gymnasioum, between age 16-20, I were at a chemicaltechnican programme.
I love chemistry and biologhy !!
Make some mysterious mixes for me too, please ?

Hugs Nettan  ::)
Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: rozzzie on January 06, 2005, 05:27:43 PM
 :DSo glad ffor you.  The caring OS's are out there, your appointment was proof of that. ::)

This is so great, you've had soooo many problems and have finally found some one who cares.

You know this gives us all hope.  There are caring OS's out there, we just have to search them out.

Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: Nettan on January 11, 2005, 05:25:16 PM
Hey Heather !!

I really hope that they can do the surgeries at same time. Indeed it would be easier for you. Your doc seems to be a nice careing  person though and that's not easy to find. I have started up a lot of new things here also.
I'm going in now for a longer period of phys and take some time off from work instead. I feel for myself I have to try a last time to see if I can come up on crutches at least on my right leg, the better one.
I'm also trying to be more independent cause I'm tired of using assistents all day long. So one step at a time.
I let you know more when time goes by. My pain is how it is and nothing to do about it. I think this descision from me is from my always coming every year this time spring feelings.
Please tell us how your shoulder answer is when it comes.

Hugs Nettan  ::)
Title: Re: It just goes on and on....
Post by: tripletoeloop on February 09, 2005, 02:07:36 AM
I know how you fell with doctors not beleiving you mine says there is nothing wrong with my knee witch there obviously is I can fell it crunching and popping and everything but he wont beleive me