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Title: New girl hates all knee doctors
Post by: [email protected] on November 22, 2002, 06:49:42 AM
Well I'm sure I'm not alone. No one knows what's wrong with me. 1st of all. What the heck do they mean by overuse? Is that just a term they give you when they don't know what the problem is? Or how about physical therapy? I know every physical therapy stretch there is now but that does'nt help me. I've decided, physical = bad.
I have had 2 surgeries . 1st was acl about 7 years ago? 2nd was last feb. for medial meniscus removal and loose body w/ scartissue removal as well. The physical therapy didnt sit with me well , never has but i am a very active person. O yeah...... was very active. Finally got going again around march , tryed to ride my bike. Think I damaged my patellar tendons? Not sure since no one will acknowlegde that there could be a problem here. Hot burning all around knee caps. Cant walk as a means of getting anywhere but can do some walking. Had prolotherapy in Mexico. Swimming a little but dont like to bend knees alot or with any weight including my own. Do you know whats wrong with me? ha ha ha Don't say phycotherapy cuz I already heard that from knee doctors. O yeah one last thing. I love it when the surgeon is so busy that you get the intern or nurse practioner(who is younger than you and Im only 35) cuz they just look in the "knee handbook" and decide they are going to heal you with some good old fashioned physical therapy. Anyone know what the symptoms are for patellar injusies?
Title: Re: New girl hates all knee doctors
Post by: Janet on November 22, 2002, 05:01:30 PM
We know how you feel! Almost all of us here have been given the same "nothing wrong" or "nothing we can do about it." But don't give up. Go for a second or third or fourth opinion until you get someone who can at least tell you what's wrong. There's no guarantee there is a cure, but at least you'll know what your dealing with. In my case, I eventually found a PM&R (physical medicine and rehab) doctor. Unfotunatey, the biomechanics in my knee are all screwed up. There is nothing else surgically that can be done to my knee, but he is working with me to get the most mobility and best quality of life possible. And he believes me when I tell him my limitations! That's the best part, someone believing what I say! Good luck and stick with it until you have some answers.

Title: Re: New girl hates all knee doctors
Post by: [email protected] on November 22, 2002, 08:28:14 PM
Thanks for the comradry. I do have an appointment with another doctor (sometime next year when they can squeeze me in.)        Who is the Knee Guru? Is he a fictional person or does he actually exist an is appropriately named?
Title: Re: New girl hates all knee doctors
Post by: Janet on November 22, 2002, 11:24:32 PM
Yes, the KneeGuru is an actual person. There was a big conversation about this not too long ago. I tried to find the thread quickly to refer you to, but couldn't locate it. Anyway, go to the main site, click on the kneeguru, and it will take you to a picture of the kneeguru and her credentials. Perhaps someone else on will read this and remember where to find the previous thread.

Title: Re: New girl hates all knee doctors
Post by: Rich_NYC on November 23, 2002, 06:32:58 AM
Don't you just love the detailed way some doctors use to tell you what is wrong :P!!  We all get that sort of thing from time to time :-/  Physical therapy is a very important part of treatment, but it isn't the cure-all some doctors seem to think it is.  Second, third, and even fourth opinions are usually a good idea.  Also seeing doctors in different specialties can be a good idea.  Start researching at and another good site is at  Good luck and welcome.
Title: Re: New girl hates all knee doctors
Post by: Netty on November 23, 2002, 06:04:27 PM
Funny isn't it when we first come to this site, we all tend to think the Guru is a man. Must be that little picture of the Guru that does it.
As for your knee, there must be something wrong or you wouldn't be having all the pain, wouldn't it be nice to let your OS have your knee for a day. Im sure they would go out of their way to have the problem fixed. Keep trying, someone out there will know whats wrong.
Title: Re: New girl hates all knee doctors
Post by: [email protected] on November 24, 2002, 08:16:45 AM
Wow, you guys are really supportive . Thanks. I do sort of doubt that anyone really can help.  Its all a matter of whether one is willing to continue the pursuit an answer. I know all to well what my answer is no matter what  or if the diagnosis. At least its nice to know you are not alone. I notice people all the time now that look like they limp or have troubles getting around. I never looked before, and there are alot. Everyone, take care of your knees, they are a gift. Be well. Pappesa :) :)
Title: Re: New girl hates all knee doctors
Post by: Stacey on November 25, 2002, 03:49:37 PM
Hey Pappesa

I know what its like to hear there is nothing to do.  I am almost 21 and have been told taht a few times.  Just keep trying.  If you know in your heart that there is something wrong dont let a doctor tell you otherwise.  Just keep looking for a good OS to help you.  I did and now I have a great OS that, even though he doesnt know really waht is wrong, he is doign everything he can to try to help me :)
Title: Re: New girl hates all knee doctors
Post by: [email protected] on December 08, 2002, 08:31:29 AM
How is everyones knees this winter? Anyone for snowboarding....yeah right. someday maybe. We could all take up wheel chair racing but I dont even know if I would qualify. Not quite an invalid but certainly not overly mobile. I DONT EVEN QUALIFY FOR HANDICAPPED PARKING.. HA HA HA HA . HAPPY HOLIDAYS.....
Title: Re: New girl hates all knee doctors
Post by: Linds on December 08, 2002, 06:20:50 PM
First of all let me say hi, and welcome to the board..I probalby won't say anything someone else hasn't said..but thought I would post anyway.
I am so sorry to hear of your other's have siad you are not alone in the overuse diagnosis..infact right now I am fighting for some help. I had surgery in April and about 4.5 months post life started to get a little more painful, til now when I can't walk up or down stairs, ride my horse ..and somedays I can't even walk the dog. It's frustrating..but you need to find that one doctor who is going to help you. I have had the same OS forever..and though we have our diagreements..he has stuck by me and is now volunteering to send me to a make sure that he isn't missing something obvious. you just need to find the right one for you. And they are out there.
I can't even guess at what might be your problems. For me..I have alignment problems which have caused chondromalacia, damage to the cartilage on the back on the knee cap. The surgery I had, did help to somewhat correct the alignment of the joint, but has shifted the weight of my body onto joint surfaces that can't take the stress as they are already's not much fun. I am 22 years old and I can't work. But..eventually you will get through it.
Take care and I hope you get some' snot fair for you to have to go through this.
Welcome to the board, glad you found it..but sad that you have problems that make you need it.
Take care