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Author Topic: Suprapatellar Plica snapping?  (Read 2933 times)

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Suprapatellar Plica snapping?
« on: July 03, 2003, 06:12:21 AM »
Hello everyone. Fisrt of all, I would like to say thanks to everyone who posts on this site, I have found alot of useful information.  I have had patellofemoral pain for qujtie some time, but have had some improvement.  I have been seeing a great Osteopath to straigten out my body again.  One thing that has been puzzling all the doctors, PT's, massage therapists, chiropractors though.  On the lateral superior corner of the knee cap is a snapping sensation.  It is around the superior-lateral pole of patella.  There is a snapping across the the bony landmark of the femur that is called the troclear groove when I bend my knee.  You can notice the bony area when your knee is bent.  Some have thought it was my Quadricep tendon that was tight, snapping across it.  Others have no idea.  When it gets really inflammed, it almost feels like the patella is digging into the femur, but there is no bone on bone feeling.  I can stretch my lateral quad like crazy with no improvement.  My CPed looked at it and told me that it was my lateral plica, he had a similar problem, having had his removed.  I did some research and I have learned the lateral plica irritation is rare, mine may be the suprapatellar plica since it is so close to the corner of the patella,  that my explain why it has not been diagnosed.  I recently had an MRI, but they were not looking for plica I believe.  Will a MRI reveal a thickened surapatellar  if there was no inflammation on the day I had the scan?  it really only flares up when i do an activity that involves alot of repeated knee bending (bike riding, swimming, etc.)  because it is constantly flipping back and forth on that bony area, flaringit up.  I am hoping someone out there has had similar symptoms, because I believe that there is probably more experience in here than I haver gotten in the past from Orthopedic surgeons.  Thanks

I would love to hear from some people who have had similar situations.  Most of my pain and inflammation is from this particular irritation, if it is plica, I would love to find out more.  Thank you all.
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Re: Lateral Plica snapping?
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2003, 10:28:05 AM »
I never knew I had plica pain before they took it out.
MRI-scans were always negative (but so were they when I had a menicus tear).
Apparently it's a bit up to what your doctor believes when it comes to plica.
Some think it's a real cuase for pain (fortunately so did mine), others just ignore it (unfortunately so did my last OS and left the plica in place when removing part of my menicus, shame, would have saved me an op had he taken it out from the beginning :P ).

Hope that was a bit helpful,

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Re: Lateral Plica snapping?
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2003, 09:24:47 PM »
Hi there.  Don't know anything about plica, except that when people have thought that I had them they were wrong, it was always something else....

Have you looked into Iliotibial band syndrome (aka IT band syndrome, ITBS, or ITBFS)--it attaches on the lateral side of the knee and can cause an absolute nightmare.  I've had serious IT band problems and have been able to calm everything down with acupuncture and myo-fascial release therapy--ouch.  But it works.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone ever mentioned IT band syndrome to you.  You can find more info in the 'overuse' section down below, or looking on this web page and using the google search.

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Re: Lateral Plica snapping?
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2003, 05:00:43 PM »
Hi again.  The snapping I am experiencing is right on the lateral border of the troclea.  Imagine your lateral quadricep tendon, where it would attach to the superior lateral pole of the patella.  Many have thought it was the lateral quadricep tendon flipping accross a the top superior edge of the troclea as I bend and straighten my knee.  ALot of the time, it is just annoying.  But at times it gets inflammed and hurts like h#@l.  I can not find no information on an exact location of a symptomatic lateral plica, does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks for your input.