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Prof. Adrian Wilson, Knee Surgeon
Dr. Lars Blond, Knee Surgeon
Dr Sheila Strover, Clinical Editor
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Dan Smith, CEO D Medical (Medical Videos)
Sebastiano Nutarelli, Physiotherapist
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We have a multidisciplinary team, all involved, one way or another, with knee problems and their resolution. We see ourselves as educators, doing our best to help patients, industry professionals and junior medical colleagues to understand all the many and important knee issues and controversies.

Although our operational team is small, there is a huge community of people involved in other ways - bulletin board members participating in learning and in helping others via the bulletin board, and medical professionals offering their time pro bono to produce authoritative content.

The KNEEguru website is owned by a UK-based limited company (company number 2893459; incorporated 1st February 1994) owned by Dr Sheila Strover, Dr Lars Blond, Prof Adrian Wilson, Mr Richard Forster and D. Medical. The domain was first registered on 4th February 1997.